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McAfee Rootkit Detective is a security software solution designed to find and remove rootkits that infected your system.

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The application is not an antivirus solution, so you still need to install and run an antivirus product with real-time protection and virus definitions updates; McAfee Rootkit Detective does an excellent job when it comes to getting your computer clean of running rootkits.

The application allows you to view hidden processes, hidden registry keys and values, hooked services, imports and exports, plus all running processes, thus making it possible you find the ones that may be dangerous for the computer.

There's a small “Settings” menu that allows you to configure cleaning and detection, enabling you to search for hidden files and folders inside the system drive and all fixed drives, or enable termination and renaming of hidden processes.

You don't need a superfast computer to run McAfee Rootkit Detective, and a scanning process takes just a few minutes, while the duration of the cleaning process depends on the number of malicious files found on your computer.

Beginners are strongly recommended to read the included manual because improper use of the application may break down the operating system.

As a conclusion, McAfee Rootkit Detective is a simple way to make sure your computer is running free of rootkits. And since it's so easy to use, beginners, as well as more professional users are always welcome.

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hello everyone techno soothes Craig Chamberlain here and this is a virus removal series where we try to nail down those tough to remove viruses that may have infected your computer and made you not able to run your normal everyday virus scans or functions a little jealous downstairs right now my wife is playing dragon age and she bought it so I don't get to play it until she's done but I'm gonna go ahead and do a video for you guys while I wait now if you've downloaded the HD removal pack in episode 2 i've got all of these virus removal tools on my website again episode 2 i'll show you where to find them we are getting out of safe mode now what we need to do is if you did safe mode by changing your ms config we need to have you click start and run type in ms config again go up to boot.ini and make sure that you on check safeboot so that when you restart the computer it wont boot in safe mode but just on check that and click apply then click close it's going to prompt you to restart and then go ahead and click the restart button now after your computer has restarted huh I've my desktop wallpaper back go ahead and double-click on number eight the rootkit detective this is made by mcafee this is going to bring up the rootkit detective main screen then all you want to do is click on settings you want to make sure pretty much everything is checked you want to make sure you want to detect hidden processes hidden files and folders registry items API hooks terminations of renaming zuv and all you know basically check the integrity of your system if anything's been modified when you didn't want it to be modified and then select ok and then go ahead and clicks now once the rootkit detective is completed it's going to generate a rootkit detective report now this type of scanner essentially generates a report to be analyzed by the experts over at McAfee just go ahead and right click on this and click add to archive if you've downloaded the winrar software what we're going to want to do is create a zip file out of this just collect zip and then select ok and when that generates your route detective report we're going to need to send this over to back a fee now they have an email designed specifically for this rootkit removal tool just email to stinger at a verte labs com and then in the subject line you have to type in rootkit detective so let me go ahead and open up my email here and I'm going to go ahead and put stinger at advert labs com and I put the subject as rootkit detective please analyze this for port for me and let me know if there are any threats and I'm going to attach a file I'm going to go to of course my desktop where I have the package installed i'm going to navigate to the zip file that I created now once that's uploaded I'll just click send for those of you who haven't download winrar yet you can get it at my website at WWDC mission accom where have all the software that I use in all my syriza's just scroll down to the bottom right-hand corner under free software tools and it'll be at the bottom it's winrar and it is free all the software on my sites free and go ahead and wait to hear back from them now I waited this long till the end for this particular tool because we've tried basically nine other tools that we haven't found your virus yet so now we're actually going to do a full blog and send it to the experts and see if we can't hear back from them but I hope this helps you guys out I hope you hear back from and I hope it works out as always leave comments and ratings and don't forget to subscribe thanks again


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