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Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool is a malware detection and removal utility. It thoroughly scans your computer to identify infiltrated malware and if any, attempts to remove it. Keep in mind that it was not built to prevent malicious threats, but to detect existing ones.

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Even though it’s available as a separate download, Microsoft also distributes it automatically as a part of the Windows Update service. In other words, you can run the tool without downloading it, using the run command or the cmd utility by typing ‘mrt.exe.’

Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool acts like a wizard and guides you through every step of the detection algorithm. In the first window you can view a list of spyware that the application is able to remove.

The next window allows you to select the type of scan you wish to perform. The quick mode takes only a couple minutes to complete, while the full scan is more time consuming, but also more effective.

If you want to perform a scan on a certain folder, use the customized scan mode. When the process is complete, a detailed report is displayed, containing the detected malware, if any.

In conclusion, Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is one of the go-to solutions in case your computer gets infected. It has been and is promoted as a top malware removal utility, but don’t take their word for it until it heals your computer too. Given its overall simplicity and wizard-like GUI, this application can be easily mastered by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

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hello everyone how are you doing this is MD CAC here another quick tutorial today I'm going to be showing how to install and run the windows malicious software removal tool so this program is not new it's actually I think been around since 2005 but it is an on-demand antivirus scanner developed by Microsoft that will work on PCs that are all supported by Microsoft currently and basically what it will do is it's not a replacement for an anti-virus software that usually works in real time however this will just do a one-time scan to check if there's anything might have gone past your antivirus or anti-malware application or installed on your computer now usually Microsoft will bundle this with their monthly cumulative updates known as Patch Tuesday but if you're just looking to run it independently or you have a malware infection and you would like to just run an additional scanner just to make sure that either nothing is installed in your computer there shouldn't be or you just like a greater peace of mind and have one additional scanner run it's definitely a great tool to have so we're gonna just jump straight into this and I am right now on Google you cannot be in any web browser so I'm just gonna walk you guys through how to locate the executable file to install it and we're just going to go through the whole process step by step so we're going to start by typing in the Google malicious software removal tool and one of the very first links that comes up should be from Microsoft I do not recommend downloading this from any other location other than from Microsoft domain so just the left click on the link to open it up like you would any other link and very straightforward Microsoft actually does find and buy order detecting wide version of Windows you're running as well as if it's a 32 or 64-bit operating system so you actually love one change system if you wanted to go through customizing what version was downloaded I would recommend if you're downloading it for your current computer just follow Microsoft's suggestion unless you know it's wrong the only other suggestion that you could have is if you're downloading it for another infected computer in which case though if it wasn't the same version as yours then you could go through this process as well but we're going to assume that you're downloading it for your current computer and in most cases that would be the situation you guys would be in because otherwise if you weren't actually able to boot into a computer I recommend running a bootable anti-malware rescue CD or disk I would not recommend using this tool on a heavily infected computer so put that out of the way we're gonna just left click on download once we've confirmed our language is correct and if we actually do won't go under system requirements here we see that they no longer do support Windows XP always good to check system requirements to make sure that you are eligible to run this tool so just love click on download here I'd recommend just left clicking on no thanks and continue at the bottom here the file is only about 47 megabytes at the time of this download so it shouldn't take very long to download and we can see it's only estimating about an additional 15 seconds remaining for the download so a very quick process and like I said before you can have this in any web browser or just might look a little bit different when you're downloading this tool but in any web browser or at least the most popular ones there should be an option to run the file once it's finished downloading so select one if you receive a user account control pop-up select yes please note you have to have an administrative account or have administrator privileges in order to run this tool and we can minimize the out of our web browser at this point so we can see at the top that we are running the most up-to-date version and it says October 2016 at the time of this recording so I'll say welcome to the Microsoft Windows malicious software removal tool this tool scans and automatically removes prevalent malicious software click Next the scan and help remove specific malicious software from your computer for more information on this tool please see the online documentation so we're gonna just select next and now we can do three different types of scans here I'll let me do a quick scan which will scan critical areas of your system and as Microsoft defines the locations most likely to contain marcia software it also suggests if it does find malicious software you might be prompted to run a full scan full scan just as the name implies will do a full system scan and you also customize skin that will scan certain folders on your computer that you define so if you one specifically scan the C Drive or the D Drive if you have multiple partitions on your computer you can do something like that as well as specific folders my personal feeling is if you're running an on-demand scanner you should probably run a full scan just do a complete in-depth scan especially if you are concerned that you might have malware on your computer if you want to run a quick scan that's fine too but I would suggest running a full scan and then once you've made your selection left click on next so this will begin to scan on this hard drive is about 25 gigabytes and compared to a lot of people who have 500 gigabytes to a terabyte so it probably will not take very long in comparison however this will take some time to run so I'm going to let the tool do its thing here and I will resume the recording once the scan is complete hello everyone I'm Bank so the scan results are in and no malicious software was detected so I should point out that the scan did take about an hour and a half to run so definitely a lot a good amount of time to let the scan run especially we're going to conduct a full system scan and we can actually view detailed results of the scan if we click on this little link right here and as we go through different an hour that this tool scans for and we can see that none of which is present and it's very important to note this last message here that says this tool is not a replacement for an antivirus product to help protect your computer you should use an anti-virus product for more information see protect your PC and I believe this will launch Microsoft's web page of different anti viruses and different anti-malware programs now I believe on Windows 10 Windows Defender is enabled by default so if you're unaware if you're running an anti-virus program or not more than likely Windows Defender is enabled which is basically a rebranded version of Microsoft Security Essentials and it's not the same Windows Defender that came with Windows 7 so definitely different but I just thought I would point that out so definitely I would try and run other scans in addition to this if you're really convinced you have malware on your computer but this is definitely a nice little tool - one if you want to run it on demand tanner this is not installing anything on your computer you do not have to uninstall anything once the scan is complete it should all be taken care of once you click on finish so again please just let the scanned run and it should hopefully be able to fix any issues you guys might have so I hope this brief tutorial helped you guys out and I we'll catch you in the next video goodbye


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