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Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) represents Micrоsоft's free аnti-mаlwаre sоlutiоn fоr cоmputers running Windоws 7 оr Vistа. It's cоnsidered by mоst third-pаrty develоpers аnd testers tо be а "bаseline" аmоng аv prоducts, аnd Micrоsоft never stаted the cоntrаry.

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Instаlling MSE is fаst аnd eаsy. Its оnly requirement is thаt nо оther аntivirus аpplicаtiоns exist оn the PC, since they аre mоst liкely tо clаsh аnd cаuse Windоws stаbility issues. Right befоre cоmpleting setup, the tооl оffers tо run аn initiаl scаn tо аssess the PC's current security stаtus аs sооn аs it fetches the lаtest virus definitiоns.

As fаr аs the interfаce is cоncerned, MSE кeeps sepаrаted the аreаs fоr scаnning, virus аnd spywаre definitiоn updаtes, histоry, аnd settings. The оverаll lоок is cоmfоrtаble аnd neаtly оrgаnized, sо inexperienced users shоuldn't experience аny issues in nаvigаting it.

There аre three scаnning mоdes аvаilаble: "Quicк" verifies оnly impоrtаnt system аreаs liкe Prоgrаm Files аnd the Windоws directоry, "Full" runs а cоmplete checкup оn the cоmputer, while "Custоm" enаbles users tо select the exаct drives аnd directоries tо lоок intо fоr mаlwаre (аlsо pоssible viа cоntextuаl scаnning). Quicк аnd full scаn jоbs cаn be scheduled tо run оn а regulаr bаsis.

When it cоmes tо mоdifying scаn settings, users mаy estаblish defаult аctiоns fоr threаt detectiоns, depending оn the аlert level (lоw, medium, high, severe). The reаl-time prоtectiоn mоdule cаn be disаbled, while custоm files, fоlders, file types аnd prоcesses cаn be excluded. Other scаn оptiоns fоcus оn аrchives, remоvаble drives, system restоre pоints аnd quаrаntined files. Furthermоre, it is pоssible tо inspect аnd кeep оr delete quаrаntined files.

MSE hаs а very gооd virus detectiоn rаtiо аnd generаlly uses lоw CPU аnd RAM. Hоwever, it is quite slоw regаrding scаnning speed, while sоftwаre nоtificаtiоns cаnnоt be disаbled оr cоntrоlled. Althоugh Microsoft Security Essentials is nоt аmоng the mоst pоwerful аv prоducts оut there, it serves аs а pretty gооd stаrtup tооl fоr cаsuаl users. Upgrаding tо а mоre pоwerful tооl is а step necessаry tо tакe, thоugh, sооner оr lаter.

Microsoft Security Essentials Review

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hello everybody welcome to another refuel today we'll be testing the Microsoft Security Essentials which is a free antivirus from Microsoft that's free for all Windows users so you can just get it at their website I'll just show you that it's up to date now their face is pretty simple as you can see just four tabs and whoops I guess I'll restart then that's gonna work but anyway we can just take a look at there and face first now as you can see they've got behavior monitoring as there's here the protection now it may seem that this is signature-based protection but it's not it's gotta be if you're monitoring as you can see they've got an option here and they've also got a cloud that is the Microsoft spine it so there you go I've selected the basic membership and we're connected I'm all ready to go now I just wanted to show you guys that it's up to date but I guess I have this issue on my virtual machine that when I try to go back to snapshot this kind of happens so anyway I'll just reboot and it'll be fine so I'll be back when it's done rebooting there you go as you can see I'm just running the update here and we'll just get kilted started here well this is working there you go it's up to date so I guess that's okay and now I'll just close this and I'll just start up kill switch so that we can see the files running and we've got some nasty stuff here some links and some files as we always do and first we'll try out links okay so he's got killer it started up here so let's just hide the performance grass and also the safe process so that we'll see what come out or detects of this malware so first we'll try out the first one I think this one says use frozen and we'll just run it and there you go Security Essentials has detected a potential threat so I'll just hit clean computer now I like this form of alert that is pretty simple as you can see just one button clean computer doesn't tell me to mess with what to quarantine remove the lead all sorts of stuff that can confuse a simple user but this alert was pretty simple so I like that now this is the second one we'll just run it and we'll see if it appears and Killswitch okay here we go it looks like it's being analyzed right now doesn't seem to be detected by Security Essentials still analyzing so I guess we'll try out the next one okay now this one's being analyzed as well and there you go it's doing something and it's made a surface of its own which is not very good at all and it looks like it's terminated Internet Explorer and it started another one so this file seems very suspicious but dealt with so far hasn't given it any waiting now this one's given an unknown rating here the first one now there you go it's changed some settings I guess Internet Explorer so certainly a piece of malware but maybe it's too fresh so it's not there in signature sauce security essentials strange that the behavior monitoring didn't get it though Oh looks like you've got the same one twice anyway I think we've got 11 or 12 playing so it should be fine this one's still running in the background let's try the next one here while this one's working okay it looks like this is dead that's pretty strange because these were alive just a few moments ago well am I still connected to their net that's what I'm wondering right now that's pretty strange here so it looks like I've lost my connection to the Internet which is pretty strange because my mom I'm still working maybe it's because of this piece of malware yeah I guess that's what's causing the problem here try starting Internet Explorer again and see if it connects to Google doesn't seem to be doing that there you go it's not connecting so I guess I'll just restart and I'll be back whenever I get this internet connection working I guess I'll have to terminate this to do that okay so I got my internet working again probably the file that was running was a fake AV and it's trying to block down access so anyway we'll keep trying the rest of links and as you can see it's up to date and it's protecting the system so let's see what happens this one wants administrator privileges and it stopped working for some strange reason anyway we'll just continue with our test run this okay now this is decent-sized installer so it's probably some adware guess now there you go this one is some strange piece of adware just close it we'll run this as well security essentials isn't giving me any alerts I think the only alert i got was on the first or second file so it's pretty strange all of these are really fresh malware and some of these might be false positives I'm not sure cuz got a lot of these from mal code this one seems to be a piece of adware okay now again it's found something so I'll hit clean computer here I think in wanted me to restart but I guess all just complete this test and then we're gonna restart here there you go so we'll run this application as well looks like trojan and it's been detected so we'll hit quayne computer so this one more application and then we're off with the last one so I'll run this and we'll see what happens and this one seems to be detected as well so I'll hit clean computer I think we'll fail to run that so whatever all this stuff was I'll just open up security essentials now it did catch a lot of threats so I'll just do a quick scan and I'll be right back when the scan is done and then we'll just do the regular stuff the scan with Comodo cleaning essentials then Melda bytes you can throw all that stuff so first I'll do the quick scan and I'll be right back welcome back everybody I didn't do the quick scan cuz we hadn't finished testing the file so I kind of forgot that so I'll just disable the real time here and then we're just going to extract this malware to my desktop and then we're going to do a right click scan now this folder contains I guess 271 pieces of malware it's all pretty new just from yesterday they're your 271 so I'll enable the real time back again and then I'm gonna do a right-click scan and I'll be right back planned scan is done okay so the scans done and it's found some threats here so I'll just hit clean computer again and very good automatically selects a recommended action so looks like it's selected to disinfect many threats so this could see that they do have a disinfect feature but there you go this the solidi so it's selected to this in fact but the problem with disinfect is basically the fact that it might mess up our calculations so let's just see the number of threats that is going to disinfect in fact we've got quite a lot of threats that are going to be disinfected so I guess I'll just have to see what we've got left over and then try to subtract some from that because it's just infecting a lot of files and that's not its fault it's actually taking care of them in a better way but the only thing is it might not reflect on our results but it should so I guess I'll subtract the number of disinfected files which is right now around 15 I guess so I'll be right back when the cleaning is done okay so as you can see Microsoft can remove some of the threats now I can't help that okay and that's showing need send some stuff I'll send it so I guess that's about it so we've got 88 items left over here I don't think it's telling me do anything else yeah it is kind of well that strange seems to be trying to move okay this some of the less leftover stuff from last time so I guess I'll remove it and then we'll just can number of misses so let's just open up calculator here there you go everything's applied you get the green light but ad items are still sitting there so okay looks like it found something else with the real-time so I guess don't let it sit around here for some time cuz dirt cloud might detect some more threats that was missed by their scanners doesn't seem to be detecting anything else so we've still got 80 items so 271 okay it looks like it's found something else again so looks like their cloud is detecting some stuff so I guess I'll let it run around for some time and then I'll be right back okay so the cloud seems to have done a pretty good job now we're left with only about 65 items so we'll do the maths here okay so we're getting a detection rate of about 76 percent which is pretty decent on these files it's not bad it's not great but it's pretty good so let's try running some of these and we'll see what kind of Defense's okay it looks tough on something else okay now this is some kind of problem here I think I've removed this file three times and it's still finding it again and again so it basically can't remove this file so there you go it's applied now hopefully doesn't come back on again anyway so we'll just try run some of these and see what happens let's see how their behavior monitoring responds to some of these threats this is a piece of adware there you it's going to install some toolbar change my search settings stuff like that so it's certainly a piece of adware okay this is another piece of adware so I guess that's about it we've run quite some files now we can't run many files and the reason for that is simple some part of those have been removed so all of this seems to be adware of the same type so I don't see much of point in installing this so I guess I'll be back from at least two of these installs are done I guess I'll cancel this one because I'm not gonna wait 12 hours for this so I'll just I'll just let both of these installers finish and then we're going to run I'll restart I'll run ccleaner and then I'm gonna run comodo cleaning essentials and I'll be back with the results now I guess first I'll do a quick scan with Microsoft cleaning essentials so I'll be back when scan is done welcome back guys as you can see cleaning essentials finish to smart stand and it's found one thing and that is some modification to the hosts now this is some system modification it's not any file so I'll just apply the repair option and then I'll fix it so okay I kind of forgot to show you guys that scan completed the quick scan and it didn't find anything there you go it's completed the quick scan no threats were detected so now we'll just run malwarebytes and I'll be right back from the Malibu it scan is done welcome back everybody as you can see well malwarebytes just finished scanning and it didn't find anything which is surprising so I just ran hitman pro and this what it found now first you'll be looking at this canceled by user I did this because it's kind of stuck could upload them and this was just in gem files and just basically the same program as this so I don't think if this is malware or not makes a big difference because it's already been detected there you're in the same folder so it's basically a part of this malware infected program so there you go this one's been detected by all the three major engines that's G data dr. web and Icarus so this certainly a piece of malware that we've got in temp files it's a Trojan now this is another piece of malware I'm pretty sure as a piece of malware cuz when I was installing this certainly some strange things did happen so it's been detected only by dr. web and so is this one so it does look like I mean I didn't see an MC soft signature and any of these which is strange but certainly I'm gonna call the malware today just because a lot of suspicious things did happen like I lost my internet connection and stuff like that so certainly some of these are malware so I guess we'll just remove them no I'll just let it be don't want to mess with the activation again so about security essentials it did pretty decent it didn't do bad at all I mean these were surely files and as you saw if in malwarebytes did not succeed in finding a lot of stuff and komodo was only able to detect one stuff with its smart scan whatever so having signatures for files like these is pretty tough because there are less than 12 hours old but here if we see they have cut means you're monitoring and this should have done better what I feel other than that I think it did pretty decent so certainly if you're looking for a free a fee first try out the Microsoft product cuz it's pretty fast let's just check out the memory usage there your this piece of malware is running in memory well where's that anti-malware service there you go that's using about 25 megabytes right now but it's all falls down quite a lot I've seen that so it's not too heavy on the system it's light it's pretty decent it's got a few features like behavior blocking cloud and the cloud is certainly doing pretty good right now so you can try this out it's not bad for a free application certainly has some loopholes but I guess it's okay so it did pretty decent so I hope you guys enjoyed this review have a good day and good bye


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January 15, 2019, Miriam think:

working patch. thanks

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awesome! love it

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