NzbUse.Net Desktop Client

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NzbUse.Net Desktop Client is basically a Text Processing Application. The application matches and combine's like posts on Usenet. With the aid of the advanced file recognition engine, it can read through any Usenet Newsgroups and combine and create Nzb files for up to 80 % of the content of the group.

NzbUse.Net Desktop Client

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Do I need any Usenet Knowledge To Use The Application ? No, you need your Nntp Providers details, once you enter these details, a list of available Newsgroups can then be populated from your nntp provider with !! 1 Click !! Simply select a group by filtering the group list to your requirements, and !! 1 Click !! again and you'll be creating Nzb Files in Seconds.

Ok, I can get my Nzb Files from a number of Websites, what the advantage of creating my own ? This is where no website can take on Usenet Direct Nzb Creator, Nzb Websites & Forums create their Nzb files from various Nntp Providers, now if they create a Nzb files on say messages available on Giganews, and your provider is not Giganews you may have problems downloading the messages, because they simply may not be on you Nntp Providers server, these things take time to propagate around the various Nntp providers. Hence the need for Par files, But .. the Par files are extra download Megs and you may or may not need them, on a typical download of 5 gig, you'll probably get approx 500 Meg of Par files !

Usenet Direct Nzb Creator - Creates Nzb Files from YOUR provider, as we have already checked that the messages are available when creating the nzb files, there is no need to download the par files, saving 500 Meg download on a 5 Gig Download, so Usenet Direct Nzb Creator will create NZB's with NO more INCOMPLETE downloads.

You get more CHOICE, whilst most Nzb Sites provide excellent content, its impossible for them to Index all of the available groups, there are thousands, find out what's Really on Usenet.

Get NzbUse.Net Desktop Client and take it for a spin to see what it can actually do for you!

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Added: Sep 25th 2009 User rating: 3.0
Supported Operating System: Win 2K, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 2003

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