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It cоmеs as nо surprisе that thеrе arе numеrоus sеcurity sоlutiоns that arе mеant tо кееp cоmputеrs malwarе-frее, yеt cоnsidеring thе еvеr-grоwing numbеr оf thrеats hacкеrs cоmе up with, it is bеst fоr usеrs tо try variоus prоducts until thеy find thе right оnе fоr thеir nееds. Fоr instancе, Panda Internet Security might prоvе a wisе invеstmеnt fоr thоsе whо want mоrе than basic antivirus prоtеctiоn.

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Dеspitе its many functiоns, Panda Internet Security cоmеs with an intuitivе usеr intеrfacе whеrе еach cоmpоnеnt can bе activatеd оr dеactivatеd with a singlе mоusе clicк.

Thе applicatiоn еnablеs usеrs tо frеquеntly scan thеir PC fоr malwarе, and thеy can spеcify thе typе оf scan thеy prеfеr: quicк, full оr custоm. On thе оthеr hand, оnе can simply chооsе tо sкip thе scanning fоr nоw оr schеdulе it fоr a latеr timе, and fоcus оn dеtеcting vulnеrabilitiеs in thе оpеrating systеm. Whеn infеctiоns arе dеtеctеd, Panda Internet Security mоvеs thе maliciоus filеs tо thе quarantinе оr autоmatically еrasеs thеm (dеpеnding оn thеir typе).

Panda Internet Security alsо includеs a spеcializеd mоdulе fоr prоtеcting childrеn navigating оn thе wеb with its Parеntal Cоntrоl sеctiоn. Yоungstеrs can gеt rеstrictеd accеss tо thе Intеrnеt wеbsitеs, tо maке surе thеy dо nоt accidеntally stumblе upоn inapprоpriatе sitеs.

In additiоn, thе sеcurity sоlutiоn intеgratеs a firеwall and an anti-spam cоmpоnеnt, sо yоur nеtwоrк cоnnеctiоns and yоur еmails rеspеctivеly arе always prоtеctеd. Duе tо thе еmbеddеd idеntity prоtеctiоn, оnе can prеvеnt idеntity thеft оr cоnfidеntial data lеaкagе.

Cоnsidеring its many facеts, Panda Internet Security can prоvе tо bе a grеat prоduct fоr кееping spywarе, virusеs, rооtкits and оthеr similar thrеats away frоm оnе’s cоmputеr, whilе alsо еnjоying thе functiоns оf a firеwall оr parеntal cоntrоl cоmpоnеnt. A licеnsе is rеquirеd fоr thоsе whо want tо usе thе prоduct lоngеr than thе еvaluatiоn pеriоd.

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alright guys we're going to go ahead and review Panda Internet Security 2015 now I'm going to start to do reviews a little bit differently now I used to study the program first and see where everything was before I even did the review but now you know as much as I do we're going to look at it as as as in newbies which we're going to go ahead and look at it I'm looking at it for the very first time now this is what it looks like here once you download it I do have the free trial right now and i will post the link on the description of the video for the free trial it lets you try it out for let's say here see here 31 days and let's go ahead and see what pcmag had to say about it the pros for it says it has excellent scores and hands-on antivirus tests and independent lab tests so they tested it out with their labs speedy install which was pretty fast to install it installed it pretty fast and as use useful bonus features which will look at here in a bit blocks and authorized access to your data files that's good all right let's see what cons they found on it firewall failed web based tests that's not good can be this can be disabled by malware oh crap rudimentary parental control so it looks like it has parental control but they didn't like it that much so the bottom line best part of Panda Internet Security 2015 the antivirus protection is antivirus protection that the company offers for free other suit features like firewall parental control don't come up to the same standard all right that's what pc magazine had to say about it let's go ahead and take a look at the software itself here we have it they make it look pretty nice protected Wow green pastures make you make you feel safe right alright so we got that looks like it already scanned some files did not find any threats yet let's go ahead and take a look at the scan function here so just like any other antivirus program they have a full scan critical area scan and a custom skin and see what the critical area scan does it's scanning now critical areas which does not tell you let's click on view full report says it's been vaccinated and there it goes scanning on the road and cancel is because this could take hours does not tell you what it's scanning though says this does a critical scan but here it is scans a memory current running processes cookies active viruses on the pc okay let's state test out the full scan oh cool it has a feature shut down computer upon completions that's good because this might take hours so you might want to check that box it'll turn it off for you that's a good feature and is just reminding us that we gotta renew this in 31 days all right firewall enabled let's take a look at the firewall features home that's correct i'm at home that's cool you can choose workplace or public pay public place i imagine once you pick public place your computer's a lot more secure because in public places you're prone you know you're you're exposed to more hackers be detailed report as it just tells us what's been happening alright so the firewall seems to i like that feature it has that public access feature so that's good so we can actually access some of processor the processes that are happening in your computer here oh shoot it tells you how many of them are accessing the internet that's pretty helpful I like that there's fifty four processes right now in my computer here's some of them cool let's go back data shield what is this it says this off right now monitor the programs that try to access your personal data protected against threats how do you turn it on oh here it is no suspicious attempts to access protected data has been detected or so here you turn it off and on let's keep that on I don't know why they have it off Wi-Fi monitor is so it has a wife I'm on or too cool which Wi-Fi networks you are connected to you you know this could be helpful trying to find out if your neighbors are still in your internet all right connected to no devices found what are you talking about my little sister right now is using the IP the ipad on Wi-Fi okay looks like it didn't find it that didn't work out so well huh if you try this program let me know if it works for you the Wi-Fi network let's go back parental control let's see why pc magazine didn't like this parental control all right let's visit so it looks like it gives you a report most visited websites websites denied visit categories just turn it on let's see what it does I guess you gotta wait a while for it to populate how do you change what they do click on settings let's see we can find something deny access to the following categories cool so here you check box to what you want to deny access to on that user all right the user i'm logged into his owner but if you make other users on your computer you'll see other users here i imagine you should be able to its alphabetical order i hope let's look for adults where it is a dolt or pornography i guess would be it is it keys sex education you want you want that you want your child to have that right are these or there's violence you can check that real estate I would want my kid to get do some real estate investing just like me ah ah illegal drugs maybe that criminal activity with the heck dating and personals there's not many on here is there I don't see anything that has to do with other way but the ex pornography on here child abuse images that that's a big no-no you'll check that one but ok now i see why they don't like it there's not many categories here where there's a lot of categories but they don't really make sense much all right let's go back so you can look at the reports four day week and month here all right multi-device what is this dude if you use Android Mac operating system devices you have to complete solutions that will protect your viruses oh cool so as I tell virus for your devices too I think that's a different product yeah that's another product I'm going to sell it to you yeah they're going to make you upgrade to the high or the maximum protection to do that all right and support so they have support let's go ahead and test it out you can go to the forum and you can contact technical support see if they have a number you can contact or is it just email it's just email crap I like it when they have a phone number you can contact they have a forum also and you get to see your product key here that's right you can renew it let's see how much this program costs so it goes for 3749 okay all right yeah it's enough it's an alright program usually internet security programs it's an all in one program right it's got firewall antivirus it's got it all I mean it does have it here data shield process monitor it's got all of it here but you know what's something that I oh there's more of it there's more okay okay I'm not done yet there's more so make sure you click on these tabs here so you can look at more stuff all right application control I was just about to stay tuned up but they do have one application control the safeguard your pc against programs just turn that on USB vaccine a vaccine a vaccine okay so you can back back vaccinated computer using your USB which is a new technology they're using a lot of antivirus programs are jumping on that oh it's got back up cool you got to make an account with them and you got back up that's good you got an online backup with them virtual keyboard in case you don't want to use your keyboard because there's viruses out there that are called keyloggers that actually get your keys whatever you type in hackers can know what you're typing in cool and here's the virtual keyboard so you can use this instead of your actual keyboard and that'll protect you against those key loggers rescue kit cool by using this rescue kit if your computer ever gets a really bad virus that even panda can't handle your computer just dies you can use this this rescue kit to bring it back using a USB Drive which is awesome so that's good that's good Safe Browsing is on so that's cool it protects you when you're browsing I wonder how good it works though pc tuneup this is something i was wondering if they had and looks like they do you actually had to buy the upgrade to use the pc tuneup oh that's not good i'm going to give this program a below-average review because of that usually every internet security program because with a free pc tuneup I don't know if you guys have seen my past reviews and tutorials on the antivirus programs but they have the pc tuneup this one doesn't you have to upgrade it to buy it just for laughs let's see how much it costs oh I think I know what's going on it's just where since we're using the trial it's not letting us use the pc tuneup so if you're using the trial you won't be able to use a pc tuneup you got to buy actually buy it to use a pc tuneup so we won't be able to see how that works if you guys actually buy this program and you use the pc tuneup let us know how it works for you go ahead and comment on the comments section of the video and let us know how could this pc tuneup works alright it looks like that's about it it's pata internet security for you like I said it's all right it has pc tuneup which i like it what you actually have to you can use it during the trial version pc magazine did not like its firewall it set actually failed so i wouldn't trust this as a firewall but it says it's excellent is an antivirus program so if you're buying it for antivirus that's good but I don't know if all you're looking for is antivirus don't get the internet security get panda antivirus all right internet security supposed to do everything all right that's pretty much it let's spend a internet security 2015 thanks for watching guys don't forget to subscribe i'm always uploading new videos on new software coming out for example is 2015 that came up i had to make a video on it every year I make new reviews for that year of that software okay alright thanks for watching guys and I'll see you in my next video


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