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Working with multiple applications might cause your computer to gradually perform at low capacity, as it runs out of resources. It is possible to manually remove unused or useless files, but certain software can leave behind tracks that you cannot find or clean by yourself.

PC Matic

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In this case, you can rely on specialized software, such as PC Matic, that can help you partially restore your computer's performance by removing certain content or optimizing hardware components.

This application features a congested design that offers a rather crowded view of menus, buttons and windows, especially considering the window cannot be resized. Due to the limited workspace, beginners might be confused while trying to operate the program.

The main window offers you information about this application's abilities, while also allowing you to perform a quick scan.

Given that it does not provide you with any additional configuration menu, pane or window, you cannot print or save scan logs on your PC.

PC Matic can help you solve various performance issues by checking your disks for fragmentation or large files, benchmarking your machine and detecting malicious applications. It is possible to toggle any of the aforementioned functions on or off.

Running a scan automatically detects potential problems regarding Internet speed, system stability, security and performance. At the end of the scan, you can view a detailed report about the scanning process and identified flaws.

Furthermore, it is possible to select items, such as junk files, startup entries or temporary records, and PC Matic can try to fix the related issues.

In addition to vulnerability scans, this application allows you to perform cleanup processes on your HDDs or SSDs, such as freeing space, defragmenting, running fragmentation analysis tests and optimizing disks.

To sum it up, you can rely on PC Matic if you want a simple cleanup utility, but you should be aware that it packs a rather outdated layout and that it does not allow you to save or print scan logs.

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what's going on YouTube in this video I'm going to expose another website trying to steal your money this time it's PC Medicom and the upper right hand corner as seen on TV of course basically what this is is very similar to Mac's my speed and like free free PC cleanup I did a review on Macs my speed a while ago basically what this is is it's a form of extorting your computer you would click start your free download now under the premise that it would speed up your computer make it nice and fast but it's actually a virus and they have the audacity to say you have to pay X amount of money I'm not sure what it is with this site to get it off your computer so it's it's extortion it's it's paying them protection money essentially and yeah I'm gonna have links in the video description to prove it it's sad it's just another one of those sites that try to take advantage of people and people just assume because they see the commercials on TV that it's like it's coming straight from the mouth of God himself it can't be wrong that people are so critical of what they see on the internet but they just assume everything on TV is legitimate well it's not this is more proof if you do end up accidentally downloading this I am gonna make a video pretty soon that's gonna show how to remove a lot of the the the viruses that these companies put on your computer and I'll have a link in the video description once I get that made but I hope you enjoyed watching this and I hope you don't download PC Matic and tell your friends about this video if you like this video please subscribe to my channel and thank you for watching


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