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PC Tools AntiVirus Free is a security system that protects your computer from various malicious agents, such as viruses and spyware.

PC Tools AntiVirus Free

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During installation, users are advised to pay attention. Since PC Tools AntiVirus Free is an ad-supported program, it offers to change default browser search engine and homepage and make Google Chrome your default browser.

The user-friendly interface comes bundled with a few features. In the Home tab you can view a summary on your protection (threats detected, scans performed, items scanned, database updates), as well as a protection status (real-time and IntelliGuard protection).

The IntelliGuard includes a behavior guard (detects and blocks files that look suspicious, before they harm your computer), browser, cookie, download, email, file, network, rootkit, and site guard.

Unfortunately, the freeware version only lets you control the email (scans email messages when you send or receive them, and marks them as checked by PC Tools) and file guard (monitors your computer for malicious files and prevents them from being accessed or run). Plus, you can manage exclusions for both these features.

Furthermore, you can enable background scans on system idle, adjust performance settings (performance, balanced, protection), view history, create a restore point before removal, schedule a scan, and view quarantined objects.

Scanning can be done in three ways: Intelli-Scan, full scan, custom scan. A full scan takes a very long time to finish, but that means that PC Tools Antivirus Free is being thorough. In our case, for instance, the program found many tracking cookies in our systems. Additionally, system resources are barely used during this task, and we have not found any errors.

The bottom line is that PC Tools Antivirus Free provides a standard protection level, which should suffice if you’re not an avid Internet surfer.

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you hi guys tonight i have installed on my virtual machine besitos antivirus free and fat fire let's check really quick for updates if there are any and I did then changing of the setting everything its own default like PC to set it up settings you can see I didn't change any of this everything's on default everything is up to date and then the Fred fire the only thing that I will change is in here in settings as 50 level it's set on the photography and I will need it to four that's because most of the users prefer that way now I the water samples for the w's will be directly from our domain list and they see how this combo does so these are all zero-day malware from the day and rest are testing for the first one is a fake give you i'll run it nothing from the antivirus so far let's try and exploit kit so the antivirus dated as a trojan fake ID I will block it also fed fund activities remember aunty thank you expert let's try and explain next I don't have java installed on this virtual machine let's see if Jesus Yara yes it is java so next one is transfer them dated by Hellfire destroy another Trojan first it is this also it's like this who's can enjoy detected by satisfier again do cool okay to do by Fred fire sweet France fashion to do most of the work this one's for general t and this one Rajan tdss see okay blog by an antivirus that's good self are detected this one three try another fat fire again and the final so gentle or the slightest phone again Safari thank you son killing five now that's about it because I don't have more than 10 news on youtube so i will do a food before citizens cannot the pc tools and I back with the results see in a second so the food the footsteps can finished and as you can see identifiers only found the only cookies and I worked even bother to remove them now I will do ccleaner run and then I will do a frisky little mother by to see you a second so here's the problem with the level 4 I will try to run a quick scan with malwarebytes and the faithful popped up to the asking me if I want to allow this so I will allow in the out continuous can so the quick scan finished and the let's check really quick the results we have always some registry keys modified and I will be back with the results of the campus can see in a second so I hitman pro finish the scan I did you don't fight anything at the credit goes only to fit fire and because the AV only managed to detect only two frets if you want a good protection you can lose red fire with another antivirus like microsoft security essentials avira or a vast and that's about it effects for watching and see you in the next video


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