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Portable Fuel is а cross-plаtform Grаphicаl Usеr Intеrfаcе front-еnd to thе еxcеllеnt fossil SCM tool, implеmеntеd in Qt.

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Currеntly thе following fossil opеrаtions аrе supportеd:





Тimеlinе Viеw (viа fossil ui)





Rеnаmе (including Foldеr rеnаmе)




History (viа fossil ui)

Givе it а try аnd sее whаt it is cаpаblе of!

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generator power source calm here for our review of the champion thirty five hundred watt dual fuel inverter generator this is a one of a kind inverter generator it's the biggest inverter generator that we've tested among the many other here and let's get into some specifications before we address the really cool features of this generator I want to address the decibel rating a lot of people are concerned with how loud is this generator 3,500 watt inverter generator this thing is super super quiet right at the unit we were reading 83 decibels with the Eco mode and then under a load 87 decibels so going from Eco mode to under load is a very negligible decibel reading and then at 50 feet we went back under Eco mode 53 decibels and then 57 decibels under a load so super super quiet even from 50 feet away under a load the one downfall of this generator is the way this thing's coming in about 95 pounds which is significantly heavier than say the Honda enu 2000 or even the Westinghouse ijen 2000 so it is a little bit heavier but at least you're getting the wheels and you have this carry handle here so once it's out of the truck or out of the travel trailer whatever it is getting it around is is really easy with this handle but let's get into some of the nitty-gritty what makes this generator worth that additional 45 50 pounds compared to say a Honda you take a look on the front like we've already mentioned this is a dual fuel generator so you have the selection of propane or fuel so here's your propane connection we're on in under gasoline and that is a little bit more efficient a manual choke on the front here you have the electric start and you have to turn the battery on in order for the electric start to work we'll get there in a second you have a manual recoil start on the front in case that battery were to go bad 220 volt receptacles on the front a 12-volt DC plug here and you also have the parallel capable ports here so they unit can be paralleled with another unit and as you can see right here you have the RV ready outlet so this makes the this is one of the biggest selling points for a camping or travel trailer unit when it when it comes to buying a generator whit for a travel trailer or for camping many people usually buy a 2000 watt generator and then discover that they need more power with the 3500 watt generator usually you don't need more power because this thing will power a 15,000 BTU air conditioner most 15,000 BTU air conditioners that you would have in a travel trailer or small RV so in the off chance that you do need a parallel you do have the ability and the electric start is a really nice feature super easy like I said I already have the battery turn on just hit the button one time and you're running this is eco mode and we were reading 83 decibels right at the unit and 53 decibels at 50 feet with this unit so really really easy unit to run a long lasting unit to run as well which is another big selling point champion advertised is up to seven and a half hour run time on a twenty five are on a quarter load which is a pretty decent run time for a generator this size we're going to show you the difference between a 3500 watt inverter generator and a forty five hundred watt open frame generator that provides a constant power because this generator can vary its speed based on the load it makes it significantly quieter than some of the most traditional open frame generators because it provides that power it's in a very very unique space when it comes to camping travel trailers a small RVs etc so this is one of our favorite generators for the portable inverter generator space and the price we got to talk about the price that's one of the biggest selling points usually this generator sound online anywhere from $9.99 to say 1,100 bucks right the Honda EU generator down here that we have and we reviewed usually in red is about $9.99 and the real true camo that we have is about 1100 bucks sometimes 1050 just depends on the time of year so for roughly the same price is not the Honda as well as the Yamaha you're getting a 3,500 3,500 watt generator dual fuel and RV ready capability so really really unique the only drawback that we see is the weight again twice the twice the weight as a Honda or a Yamaha so significantly heavier but as long as you can handle it I was able to put this up here by myself no problem really really quality inverter generator for camping travel trailer etc that's a wrap for the champion thirty-five hundred watt dual fuel inverter generator brought to you by generator power source calm you


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