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Gaming isn't about high-quality graphics and powerful engines and computers. For a game to be successful, it must first have a captivating storyline that makes you want to find out what happens next and keeps you interested.


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Although large gaming companies work months to develop interesting storylines for a game, sometimes, it's the gamer who has a great game idea he has been thinking for some time.

It can be frustrating when you get a great idea for a game storyline, but you can't put it to practice because you do not have any programming experience.

This is where Quest comes in handy; it allows you to create text mini-games and adventure quests, without requiring any code writing from you. You just have to come up with a story and line it up using the program.

Quest is not all about texts and clicks; you can add multimedia to your game, such as pictures, music and sound effects, thus creating a better gameplay experience.

You can create two types of games: text adventure, which tends to be more linear as gameplay, or gamerbook, which can get very complex and have various endings, depending on the path that a player chose.

Although Quest does not require any programming knowledge, you can create complex games by adding scripts and libraries. These allow you to add more complexity to a game, or more visual effects.

Whenever you change a scene, you can bind an action to this transition, such as playing a sound or displaying a page.

Although the games created by Quest do not have the graphical complexity of those released by big gaming companies, they are still fun to play and create because they tell a story, which is far more important than actually playing a game.

Quest does not only allow you to create games, it helps you write a story or a piece of your mind, that you can share with others.

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