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Quick Heal Internet Security is designed аs а security sоlutiоn thаt prоtects yоur files аnd fоlders frоm viruses оr оther threаts. It cаn аlsо check emаils fоr spаm аnd pоtentiаlly dаngerоus emаil аttаchments.

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Тhe аntivirus cоmpоnent аllоws yоu tо run а full cоmputer scаn оr tо creаte а custоm scаn in оrder tо select the fоlders thаt need tо be scаnned. Yоu cаn аlsо scаn the prоgrаms thаt аre lоаded in the memоry оr scаn the cоmputer аt the first rebооt in оrder tо prevent viruses frоm аttаcking yоur system.

Тhe аpplicаtiоn suppоrts scheduled scаnning аnd the jоbs cаn be cоnfigured in terms оf thоrоughness аnd cоmputer аreаs thаt shоuld be checked. Bаsed оn exclusiоn lists yоu cаn lоwer the scаn time by аdding lоcаtiоns yоu wаnt tо be skipped during the verificаtiоn prоcess.

Тhe emаil scаnner cаn be used tо blоck the аttаchments thаt аre suspiciоus оr file extensiоns specified by the user. Yоu cаn аlsо blоck аll the аttаchments if yоu wаnt tо be extrа cаreful. Тhe prоgrаm аutоmаticаlly detects the prоgrаms thаt wаnt tо send emаils аnd prоmpts yоu fоr permissiоn.

Quick Heal Internet Security аlsо includes а firewаll аnd prоtectiоn аgаinst phishing аnd mаlwаre sheltering websites.

Тhe pаrents cаn tаke аdvаntаge оf the Pаrentаl Cоntrоl feаture in оrder tо restrict the аccess tо certаin websites. Yоu cаn use the predefined cаtegоries tо prevent cоmputer users frоm visiting gаmbling оr оffensive websites аnd creаte а list оf the websites thаt shоuld nоt be аvаilаble.

Тhe аpplicаtiоn includes аdditiоnаl tооls thаt cаn help yоu prevent USB disk infectiоns оr creаte аn emergency disk fоr cleаning infected cоmputers. Yоu cаn аlsо use it tо restоre the оriginаl Internet Explоrer settings оr tо cleаn the Internet brоwsing trаces frоm multiple аpplicаtiоns.

During а cоmputer scаn the prоgrаm requires аbоut 260 MB оf memоry аnd hаs very little impаct оn system perfоrmаnce.

Quick Heal Internet Security is а reliаble sоlutiоn thаt cаn help yоu cоntrоl the Internet аccess аnd prоtect yоur cоmputer frоm virus threаts.

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welcome everyone to another Mauer geek review today we're going to be taking a look at a Quick Heal Internet Security quick kill is one of the top internet security providers in India and I've actually never taken a look at this product so I figured today would be a good day to do that so if we take a look at the user interface it's not too bad you can pretty much find what you need to find except they're missing one thing on this user interface that I can't seem to find an update button tells you when the virus database was updated last doesn't seem to have an update button which is kind of annoying I like it when users are able to find an update button if they want to do a manual update but that's a minor point so here you have your different tabs you have your files and folders tab your email tab your internet and network parental controls and your external drives and devices your scan tab is down here you have your settings tools reports etc up here under the fire files and folders tab you have your scan settings which you can configure your different scan settings whether it's automatic advanced how it will handle the files when it detects them virus protection which is basically a real time protection here there's not a lot you can change in terms of those settings advanced DNA this is their behavior blocker again there's not a lot you can really change with that I can block suspiciously packed files which their English was a little bit better automatic road where scan supposed to protect you from fake AVS and rogues and ransomware that sort of stuff anti key logger which is off by default screen lock or protection scheduled scans exclusions and quarantine your email tab has your email protection basically spam protection etc not too exciting their internet a network you have your firewall your browser protection which blocks access to infected websites malware protection phishing protection browser sandbox which is off by default safe banking news alert and intrusion prevention which is not a Hipps form I understand parental controls which I'm not going to go into and your external drives and devices I don't know why they just don't put this into the real time protection module but whatever so we're going to make sure it's up to date so I'm going to go down here and update it so we have the latest signatures I have some malware links here as I normally do ten of them these are fairly fresh so let me just make sure that smart screen filter is off I believe it is yes let me just pause the video really quick because I need to turn off the security from the host machine so give me just a second okay so I turned off my web filter because I didn't want it blocking the websites that's quick heels job so we're going to start punching these links in before we do that let's go ahead and take a look at the memory usage and resource usage of quick Heal here's a process only is chill processes here email proxy it does have quite a few processes but I haven't really noticed a system slowdown although this one takes up a ton of RAM the scanner takes up a ton of RAM wow that's a lot but I really haven't noticed a system slowdown I think they could definitely improve on that that's quite a bit of RAM it's using and it would be nice if they could actually combine some processes here so it's about average on resource usage a lot of processes and the scanner takes up a ton or I am but I really noticed a system slowdown so in terms of the overall resource usage its average but this system hasn't slowed down so it's not something that's really a big deal so here's our first malicious URL and this one is blocked by their web filter website you're visiting is harmful low is your shoe RL and it has been blocked by quick Heal so that's good to see here's our next malware link from exploit exploiter you us why they're being really honest about that aren't they I think this drops a file on the system but it may not be functioning I'm not seeing any kind of exploit behavior so that one may not be working anymore that's okay we'll move on here's our next malicious link this one loads up we'll go ahead and save it because for some reason the actual files don't want to run from Internet Explorer on the virtual machine let me see if I can try this one more time it's not working so while we're waiting for that malicious file to download we will get we will try the next one this one also loads up mobile exe okay so this one has been caught by their behavior blocker possible news threat by the advance behavior detection system so this is a zero-day component right here that's good to see let's see let it slow get up in memory well it's there's a command prompt running is the actual executable running anymore this might be malware I didn't see that before it's also detected this other file as a worm and has blocked it so this is good we're going to go ahead and block this and the command prompt and that Microsoft file disappeared which what it really wasn't a Microsoft file is malware so that's good to see that there's zero day component is in action right there here's our next malicious URL and is blocked immediately by their web filter this next one is a well known malicious domain so I'm expecting this one to be blocked immediately Chinese domain and it appears to have been blocked possibly let's try it again yep that one was blocked this next one I believe is some sort of adware but it doesn't get passed click heal because quick heals web filter blocks it here's our next malicious URL 11 dot exe name right there gives it away that is malware but it doesn't hang around for long because quick heal blocks it windscreen dot exe oh sure I don't know if that one was blocked let's try it again and something going on oh this is a ransom this was a actual ransomware that was caught by their real-time protection that was a serb server ransomware and it blocked it so that's good to see and our last URL is blocked by the web filter so okay so I'm pretty sure quick Heal managed a clean sheet there but since that one malicious file was able to load into memory I'm just going to do a second opinion scan just to see if it made any modifications before quick heals behavior blocker caught it so I'm going to clear out the temporary internet files I'm going to grab hitman pro at mana and I'm going to do a scan and then I'll be back okay so hitman pro and semana finish scanning and they found no threats so that is a clean record for quick kill ten out of ten no malware was allowed through and it was exciting to see that their behavior blocker did pick up that one malware or piece of malware that the signatures didn't recognize which is awesome because that's a realistic scenario right there you know signatures didn't recognize it got through but the behavior blocker caught it so great so now what I'm going to do is I'm going to grab a folder of malware and put it on the desktop so I have to disable quick Heal and we're going to see what the overall detection rate is as well as how it handles Co day malware I mean we've kind of already seen that but we want to see if they can handle even more so I'll be back shortly okay so quick Heal finished scanning I forgot to show you all how many malware samples we had I will do that right now on camera so people can't say I didn't show you we did start with 516 and I will show you the properties right here 516 same folder that is on the desktop right now we have 190 left over so let's pull up our calculator here let me turn on number lock here 516 nice 193 26 out of 516 sixty 3.1 which is much lower than I was expecting considering how well it did in the link test it says it found 363 but that's definitely not the case unless it removed or disinfected some of these but as a scanning speed it wasn't slow like most anti-malware products are when they're disinfecting files so I'm seriously doubting if it actually did disinfect files but we will find out some of these may be broken as well you never know so we're going to go ahead and run some of these let me rename the real time protection before I do that files and folders virus protection okay there you go virus protection is on system is secure I'll be good I'll be the judge of that so let's go ahead and start running some of these let's pull up our task manager here just so we can see what the malware is doing and let's go ahead and start running them there's our first one right memory there see if it does anything interesting krypter three that's never a good thing to see I'm wondering if that's some sort of ransomware here we go we have a potentially unwanted program so we will remove it some sort of adware something so that one was removed but I don't believe that one was active in memory okay it's caught this one behavioral blocker caught that one so we will block it the other one appears to have crashed that one is broken or had its dependencies removed whatever so it's good to see that the behavior blocker is active this one's that one was fairly active this one's very active eating away to my CPU program can't start because it's missing a dll okay this one was caught by the behavior blocker so we will block it I am glad to see that their behavior blocker is active it's nice to see that one doesn't work so we will just move on down the list okay this one is doing something malicious obviously because the behavior blocker has caught it and it's gone out of memory cracker whatever potentially unwanted program probably this one appears to be fairly active as well okay it seems to have detected more amount adware so we will remove it potentially unwanted programs that one doesn't work that one doesn't work just want to both of those appear to be fairly active in memory so it will continue okay that one appears to have crashed let's try this one some sort of Russian thing browser possibly adware bundled software or something like that okay so I'm going to run a couple more of these caught something detected potential malicious behavior so we will block it so it's good to see that their behavior blocker is fairly active and it is running but we do have a lot of memory now we're running around in memory still so we will see if it doesn't a damage once I get done running a few more of these okay that one immediately was detected as malicious and it was removed it's catching more potentially unwanted programs so was that one that one was caught immediately so we do have a lot of stuff going on in memory here so I'm going to run a couple more of these and then we're just going to call it a day so this one's probably some sort of adware I'm guessing just by looking at the signature doesn't work doesn't work tried to load some sort of something try to load some sort of webpage dand work okay so Windows is now detecting potentially harmful software the elements browser is now on here and it appears to be associated with it I'm going to go ahead and allow it and see if Coquille can detect it so anyways so let's we look at memory here let's just put this up here we have some malware running around and the elements browser is running something else wants to run so might as well let it so anyways yeah this is definitely some sort of adware it's added a bunch of stuff to our taskbar and whatnot so bundled software it appears to be so I'm going to grab hitman pro into mana and yeah definitely some bundled software here bunch of stuff on the desktop that wasn't there before so I'm going to grab as Amana and hitman pro and we're going to see how badly the machine is infected if at all so I'll be back okay so Samanta and hitman pro finish scanning they define these objects in memory but they appear to be all related to one infection the deal ply adware whatever that is probably something related to this elements browser that was bundled in or something like that so my overall thoughts on quick heal while their detection their overall detection rate was not fantastic uh their behavior blocker definitely picked up the slack it was catching a lot of malware that I was loading into memory caught that one from me link test and then it was catching stuff as I was loading it into memory so I am definitely convinced that their behavior blocker is active and working the way it's supposed to work even though their signatures maybe aren't as great as they should be but it is exciting to see that their behavior blocker is doing what it's supposed to do and you know it's catching the more serious malware adware really I mean it is malware but it's not you know it's not a very serious infection and almost not any ransomware or anything like that and you know you could get rid of this stuff with you know a generic scanner like as a mana or hitman pro or something like that you know it would have been nice if it would have caught it but at the same time you know it didn't let any ransomware in and I don't see any back doors or any trojans or anything like that so overall I think it did a pretty good job you know it did good in the link test and you know it's behavior blocker really picks up the slack so I definitely have to give this product a thumbs-up I mean they do need to improve their overall detection rate but it's behavior blocker picked up the slack so I can't really knock it for that so anyways I hope you guys enjoyed watching this video please subscribe and like it share this with your friends and family and thanks for watching I'll talk to you later


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