Ransomware Defender

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Ransomware Defender is a security application that comes packed with all the features of an antivirus solution. However, it focuses on protecting your PC from ransomware. This is a type of malware that hijacks and locks your system, usually displaying a message to hold it for ransom.

Ransomware Defender

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This tool has a real-time engine made to prevent ransomware agents from infiltrating the PC, three scanning modes to find and remove infected files, a quarantine manager, and advanced scan configuration settings for experienced users.

Make sure that your PC has .NET Framework to be able to work with this app. It gets integrated into the Windows autostart sequence automatically during installation, which means that it runs every time you start your computer to turn on its protection modules.

Also, it creates an icon in the systray that gives you the possibility to access the control panel of Ransomware Defender, run scans directly, check for virus definition updates, temporarily disable the real-time engine, or shut down the program.

The appearance of the anti-ransomware utility is similar to many antimalware applications, due to the dark theme and design. Ransomware Defender can scan the computer in quick mode, which means that it only searches for ransomware in common hiding spots.

Meanwhile, the deep scan takes into account all places on your hard drive, while custom scan mode needs you to indicate the exact folders with suspicious files. Unfortunately, context menu integration for custom scans isn't supported.

If you want to change the default scan configuration, you can tinker with the list of file extensions to be taken into account for scans, automatic actions on infections, whether or not to autoscan USB drives when they're plugged into the PC, blocking encrypted files, phishing detection, and others.

In a different tab, it's possible to review history of scans, access the quarantine to examine files, permanently delete them or restore them to their original location on the disk, manage exclusions and scheduled tasks, and check for definition updates.

Also, there are three distinct tools provided by Ransomware Defender for cleaning system history to protect your privacy, shredding files to make sure they cannot be recovered with specialized software, and for disabling autorun programs to improve Windows boot time.

The anti-ransomware tool left a small footprint on the computer's performance in our tests and carried out scans quickly. Unfortunately, it failed in some cases to identify ransomware so we can only assume that its definitions need a bit more work. Otherwise, the interface is modern and easy to use, and experienced users are free to change scan settings.

Ransomware Defender Review

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hey guys this is Chris with optimize OS today we're going to be talking about a trending topic called ransomware and I'm going to be doing a Ransomware Defender review for you of some software you can actually download a free trial of it or learn more by following that link on your screen or visiting our website that links also directly under this video but first I want to talk to you a little bit about what ransomware is and how it works as you can see from this image on my screen this is a picture of ransomware that got on someone's computer and what it does is it locks your computer so you cannot access any of the files on it there's no way to get access to it because the files are encrypted and the only way to UNCHR it them is by sending them money and they will send you a certain code to enter and that will unlock it so you can get at your files back so here's a couple other images you can see this one says $300 it just varies I've seen them from a hundred dollars to go way up to over a thousand even and just a couple more usually they'll only give you anywhere from two to three days to make that payment and if you don't and they won't give you access to the key and if you don't get access to the key you lose all of your files and you're never able to get them back so it's why it's pretty important to have some kind of a ransomware software installed on your computer that will protect you from it so it will never actually run and encrypt all your files and that's why we're going to be looking at ransomware Defender a very basic tool but what it does it does well and it protects your computer against ransomware and so here we can see the interface of the software and it only has a few options which is really all you need right here you can see that the threat definitions are turned on the circle here is green so it's going to be updating for us constantly getting the latest definitions so if ransomware does spread out like it did here a couple months ago when there's a global cyber attack and there were countless computers in over 150 countries that that got rained somewhere on them that's why it's important to leave the threat definitions on so it's only always updating then there's your active protection you turn on and off and your skin here you can do a quick scan only takes about a minute a deep scan will take a little bit longer or you can choose to do a custom scan on any area of your computer or external device whatever it may be over here under manage here you can manage your history or quarantine blocked risks allowed risks and schedule scans of your computer and then under the tools it has a few neat options here where you can clean your history out you can you have a file eraser here to securely delete files from your computer and a startup manager to disable applications that run on your computer during startup to make it faster so really quickly under the Ransomware Defender main screen here all you do is click scan and that's it and it's going to run through and it's just going to run through really fast and do the scan show you if anything's been infected if it has it's going to remove it and it will continue in the background to protect your computer so if ransomware is installed so it will not encrypt any files on your computer and lock your computer so you will not have access to any of those so if you don't already have some type of ransomware prevention software on your computer I highly recommend this one this one seems to work very well you can download it there at that link on your screen and like that you can also follow the link under the video there and you can visit our website where you can learn more about it


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