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Safe Returner is a straightforward security program that provides detection and removal tools for various malware agents, whether we are talking about Trojans, worms, adware or spyware. Its features are not very complex, so less experienced users can venture themselves in this app with confidence.

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After a brief and uneventful setup procedure, you are welcomed by a clean window with a well-organized structure, representing Safe Returner's interface. Its main areas are neatly shown in Overview, Scan, Settings and Help.

Evidently, the Overview section reveals a summary of Safe Returner's activity, such as the last database definition updates, last scan, automatic updates and subscription status, remaining days of evaluation, together with the program and database version.

If the scan reveals files infected with malware on your PC, you can either remove them entirely or send them to the quarantine; the latter option is recommended if the files in question belong to the system.

As far as configuration go, you can ignore non-executable files or files larger than 4MB, scan only known file types, always use online analysis for unknown threats, as well as scan the Windows system files without a digital signature.

The application is surprisingly low on the system resources; its presence is barely noticeable to the CPU and memory. It has a good response time and finishes a scan job in no time. But that's because Safe Returner looks only in the important areas of the computer for malware.

Unfortunately, the tool does not offer the possibility to select the scan mode (e.g. quick, full, custom). Furthermore, it does not provide a real-time shield against malware, nor does it run well alongside other antivirus or anti-spyware tools.

On top of that, Safe Returner popped up and error and automatically exited a couple of times midway through our tests, preventing us from viewing scan results. We must mention that we have evaluated the anti-malware's abilities on multiple OS platforms, new and old alike. But we must also take into account that Safe Returner has not been updated for a while, making it prone to stability issues.

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everybody welcome to another review this is my second one for the night what I'm going to be doing is I got a request to test out a cleaning utility supposedly you can clean out infected systems it's called a Safe Returner and we're going to test out co did I infected the system you can see we have at least two rogues on here and apparently it won't let me install their this you if the right click and run as administrator so we're going to install Safe Returner here and I'm going to update it and the one thing I did notice is to get the database to update you have to close it out and reopen it up again this is really annoying see if I can get to it from screen screensaver must messed with it it's kind of weird so I'm going to see here what I can do about getting this to work i think i'm going to open up windows in safe mode so I'm going to pause and okay so how I got this to open up is I did a ctrl alt delete and when you do that well on a virtual machine you have to do it this way but when you do that you can go to task manager and apparently that wasn't blocked I went in there and found those a couple of anti viruses that was blacking anything from running I killed it and now I could open up the program so let's Oh want to show you settings here it's got the ignore files larger than four megabytes ignore not executables scan only known file types and use online analysis for known threats so I'm going to leave everything just like it is I haven't changed anything we're just going to start a scan here we're going to say yes because we know we are infected and we're going to let it scan so I will be back when scanning is done okay so it finished scanning here and it did an online assessment and found two infections now i know there's got to be more than two but i'm going to remove those it's going to restart and i'm going to do one more scan with it when it finishes restarting and i will be back when that scan is done see them all right so i did one more scan and it said there's nothing left on here now i know that's not true so what I'm going to do is I'm going to grab my testing tools and i'm going to start testing the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to do a scan with norton power eraser and i'll be back when that's done okay so i couldn't get norton power eraser to work because for some odd reason something's infecting the system to the point where won't let it run but i did get malware it's to run and and now it closed ok so whatever is on the system it's pretty good at a fiction it's pretty good malwarebytes found about 23 infections so what I'm going to do is I'm going to what am I going to do here I'm going to do a quick scan is a squared and see if I can get some of these things out of the system enough to be able to do a scan with malwarebytes so it will be right back ok so i finally got Martin power eraser to run i have to restart so we can see definitely that's something else we have here that's something safer Turner is not something looks like some kind of rootkit there all right so we're going to get rid of those and once those are done I'm going to reboot and hopefully i can run malwarebytes this time and do a real scan so i will be back when malwarebytes is done scanning okay so finally got malwarebytes to run again and it found 38 things i hope this time it won't get killed when i hit okay ah so let's see what we have here rogue antivirus malware traces packer Rogo Rogo rootkit roof nasty trojan trojan trojan fake AV a trojan fake alert so we're going to remove these and i'm going to restart and do a couple more scans with a couple of different products but as you can see i can pretty much come to determination right now that the original test can t remember right now what it's called for some odd reason a safer turner didn't do anything I found two things and you can see what we're finding with the other systems the other programs so this basically just tells you that you should really stick with tried and true programs when we're going to clean out a computer so i will be back I'm going to do one more scan with malwarebytes and if it comes out clean I'm going to move on and do a scan with superantispyware and let's see what that finds so I will be back after that ok so I scanned with a super anti spyware free edition portable and it looks like it found some things that malwarebytes apparently missed found a tunnel registry keys associated with the rootkit you can see there's a bunch here and it also found to dll files associated with a trojan anv I it's probably one of the things i have installed here so i'm going to and found two tracking cookies which really doesn't matter i'm going to remove all these and i'm going to reboot and then i'm going to do a quick scan with a squared so i will be back when that's done alright so a squared finish scanning and i didn't find anything so let's just skin with hitman pro and we'll call it good for tonight and i'll keep you guys along with this one well that's doing it let's see if we can use jamer here and see if it sees any weird rootkit activity because the first time I tried to use it it wouldn't work that was mainly because system was really really infected should probably check to see if there's a new version out I haven't checked in a while still got some files and temporary internet because i forgot i haven't cleaned them out yet that's so just superantispyware there I'm pretty temporary we still have some files left over from that fake antivirus so um you can see that there's still a couple of infections left over even though we scanned with a lot of things it's just like I said it's very hard to completely clean out a computer i'd probably take a couple more good scanners for me to make sure that the system it's clean so um there you go in the end the safer turner was in my opinion completely useless didn't do anything i kept supposed to do they have a lot more work to do on it so that's it for this review and although everybody later take care


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Added: Jul 4th 2013 User rating: 3.5
Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win 7

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