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Security Tool Removal Tool is a small utility that will hеlp yоu rеmоvе thе faке antivirus - Sеcurity Tооl. Sеcurity Tооl is a rоguе anti-spywarе prоgram that usеs faке sеcurity alеrts and systеm scan rеsults tо maке cоmputеr usеrs bеliеvе that thеy must purchasе thе Sеcurity Tооl prоgram tо rеmоvе thе fоund thrеats. Sеcurity Tооl cоmеs frоm thе samе grоup оf attacкеrs that madе thе faке sеcurity prоgrams Systеm Sеcurity and Tоtal Sеcurity 2009.

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help you guys out and let's go ahead and get started so one of the first things with the security tool is it is a rogue security client and basil is what this will do is you'll prevent other programs from running and as well as hijack your desktop and basically we close this down most people encounter our blue screen sometimes there will be a message on there but for the most part look just like this and as I said any time you try to run the program or run anything basically is what will happen is it'll just see good continue unprotected it will block basically every program you have running in area will say oh this file is infected you also notice the fake security shield too as well on the system and when clicking on it just brings up security tool to as well so a quick thing around this to help stop this preventing from starting it is to actually locate where the Spile is and for everybody so far out there we have found that it is under the all users so let's go ahead and go there real quick under the all users folder I should say so and even when you bring up the task manager any program in general it will close there is a way around that and that's you can rename if you already have an antivirus client or something on there you can rename it to let's say Firefox or ie or I'm sorry enter I explore for internet explorer and the programs tend to run there too as well but let's go ahead and we're growing under document settings now for most people let me go ahead and change the way our view is real quick most people I'm going under full view most people will have this already don't show hidden files and folders and they'll have this check to as well and when that's checked you're not going to be able to see the file that's that's actually hearing here's another one of the fake warnings that pop up on you now if you went under all users that's all you see so we actually have to go in and go to tools folder options I'm selecting the View tab and you actually need to show hidden files and folders and you'll also need to uncheck this box it do you read the warning yes I want to check it and basically we run checking everything and that can be very dangerous Mary do this again real quick uncheck that yes hit OK or reply and then there you're going to see I'm under documents sitting all users and this is basically going to be the same for vista just the different file path up there to get to the el users account I all data and under all data it's usually going to be the very first folder there and it's what it's going to be is going to be an eight digit long folder presenting eight numbers normally and those eight numbers correlate to this particular threat so there is no folder files out there that should be just eight characters long usually ill to say exactly what it is and because this one doesn't it's pretty sure about that yes that is it you can also tell by going in there and you can actually see that now if we right-click and we try to delete it's not going to bleed yes someone sent to the recycling bin so what's going to happen is you're going to get air back saying hey you can't do this the program is currently running there it is access denied so real quick simple tip to do is take this rename it just throw something in there too for all those people who aren't too computer savvy just go down hit rename and then you can rename it whatever you want and we recommend just throw it in there do take note of the actual file path though and right now that it's rename let's go ahead and reboot will see on the other side okay we rebooted the computer and we'll see that now we you can actually change the desktop back around here and that security tools is not running which is really nice is what we're going to do is we're going to finish it off and delete the rest of this file path here so let's go ahead and I'm just go right clicked on the let me show you guys that again i did a little faster all right click on the schedules icon and went to properties and this is the path that we were at before this is the file that we renamed so we're actually going to go into this folder here just going to copy this you could just browse to it I'm going to bring up my computer or just computer for the vista win7 users there it is right there the file i rename just go ahead and delete it yes I'm going to move back well I didn't really want to move back one that's okay go under document settings again all users application data and now I'm just going to go ahead and delete that whole folder so now that that folder is deleted i would highly recommend you go back under tools folder options view and you click on there don't show hidden files and folders and that you hide protected system operating files and that that's really the big one right there is you want to make sure that you don't accident delete anything that you don't need to be deleting so now that we did that you are not officially quite clean yet there are a few other traces and I do recommend Spyro doctor with antivirus for all those who aren't tech savvy out there this will have other threats to as well the most likely you got this because you had another Trojan virus on your system so if you are infected with this security tool program you do have other infections on your computer now this video does not cover those infections because everybody will have unique different infections on there and that is why we do recommend you run a full scan using whatever security client you want we do have a coupon in this article for spyro doctor with antivirus that gives you ten percent off its exclusive to remove virus org which is pretty cool so i'm just going to hit remove there and one thing to check out to that everybody should check out is let's go down here again i'm going to hit run the run button let's go ahead and go ms fig and there will be a few registry keys to edit we'll have those in our article we do recommend you check out the article in room virus orgs do a search for again the program name because is that what that's going to do is it's going to help you out and help bring up the exact registry entries that you need to delete but we want to go in here and this is going to actually be one of the registry entries and they're not going to let me expand it but if I look here see that was the file name that was running before we look there is the exact location is what we need to do is you don't absolutely have to go and delete this registry key but it is recommended that you do delete it and it this is the key right here just for anybody who wants to who already knows how to edit the registry you feel free go ahead so it's going to be an hg local machine software microsoft windows current version run i'm gonna go ahead why not i'll show you guys this reg edit just because i'm nice once again read the disclaimer we cannot be held liable for any actions you take regarding interfer information provided on here editing the registry can be dangerous let's look at that what was it again hg local machine I'm just browsing down to this directory software Microsoft there it is so browse down to the the exact file location that we showed you there which again Microsoft Windows current version run there it is I'm just going to right-click on it i'm going to delete it yes i want to delete it you should always back up your registry first just in case but or use real software we like spider doctor with antivirus


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