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what's up guys so LG was kind enough to give me their latest super UHD TV and also they're letting me give away two of these to one of my subscribers so make sure you stick to the end of the video to find out how you guys can win anyhow guys let's go ahead and take a look at the latest super UHD from LG so without further ado let's get started so this is actually one of my favorite features like right now there's nothing showing up on my pulldown notification but as soon as I turned the television on you'll see that automatically within a few seconds the LG television controller will actually show up and I can go ahead and control the television from here turn the volume up channel and used to do a lot of other things so within the app here we have the touchpad so if I go ahead and touch that you'll see that there is a sort of like a mouse cursor on the television and then if I go ahead and push on home here it'll bring up my whole entire app list so I can go ahead and jump into let's say Netflix Amazon Hulu Plus and I can do this all within my Android phone which is really really nice so because the television supports YouTube Google Plus Netflix Amazon this actually supports casting to the television so say for example I want to watch this movie or you know video on YouTube I can directly cast it from my phone to the television without without using a chromecast so you can do a lot of different things with this remote number one you can act as a mouse so you can see the little cursor there you can also use it to control your different set-top boxes but one of my favorite features is using the voice command so all you need to do is push down on this button let's say I want to watch Game of Thrones automatically show up there it is and I can go ahead and watch it in real time depending on the type of content that you're watching you're going to want to adjust the different types of picture modes and these picture modes will adjust the contrast the saturation and even change the refresh rate but one of the things that makes this television special it's actually its HDR capability so there's two types of HDR formats there's HDR 10 and Dolby vision LG TVs are the only televisions that actually support both of those formats if you're worried about being able to watch HDR videos don't worry HDR content is available from popular streaming services such as Amazon Video Netflix and Vudu so with HDR technology you're gonna get a lot more wider dynamic range there's gonna be better color space but most importantly the TV is actually rendering over a billion colors which will give you a more sense of realism so there's no doubt that this is one wicked television and like I said at the beginning of this video the LG wants me to give away two of these bad boys to two lucky subscribers how do you win it's very simple first head on over to Twitter and follow LG Electronics which I'm gonna leave a link down below now the second requirement is to tweet at me letting me know what your favorite part was on the lg super HDTV using the hashtag wicked sweepstakes now this contest will run from April 15th all the way from April 30th now if you don't remember all of this don't worry I'm going to leave all of that information linked down below anyhow guys I hope you enjoyed this video and make sure to give it a thumbs up thanks again for watching and you will catch me in the next one adios


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