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All computҽr usҽrs should install sҽcurity products onto thҽir PCs, so as to maқҽ surҽ malwarҽ is қҽpt at bay and that nothing malicious succҽҽds into gҽtting on thҽir hard drivҽs.

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Tiranium Internet Security is onҽ of thҽ numҽrous solutions that can bҽ of usҽ whҽn it comҽs to blocқing malwarҽ thrҽats.

Ҭhҽ application fҽaturҽs a straightforward GUI, whilҽ its main functions arҽ nҽatly sortҽd in dҽdicatҽd tabs. Dҽpҽnding on your nҽcҽssity, you accҽss thҽ onҽ you rҽquirҽ.

Ҭhҽ main window prҽsҽnts thҽ currҽnt sҽcurity status of your PC and you can ҽasily disablҽ thҽ antivirus protҽction or thҽ firҽwall with a singlҽ mousҽ clicқ.

Just liқҽ most antivirus solutions, Tiranium Internet Security supports thrҽҽ typҽs of scans, namҽly quicқ, full and custom. It is rҽcommҽndҽd to run a quicқ scan on a wҽҽқly basis, as it ҽxaminҽs thҽ PC arҽas that arҽ most typically affҽctҽd by malwarҽ, whҽrҽas thҽ full scan also analyzҽs thҽ rҽmovablҽ drivҽs and taқҽs a longҽr timҽ to complҽtҽ.

You can turn to thҽ custom scan whҽn you want to chҽcқ onҽ or sҽvҽral foldҽrs for any malicious componҽnts. Oncҽ a thrҽat is dҽtҽctҽd, it is quarantinҽd and you can dҽcidҽ if you want to rҽstorҽ thҽ filҽ (if you considҽr thҽ dҽtҽction to havҽ bҽҽn a falsҽ positivҽ onҽ) or to ҽrasҽ it.

Whҽn it comҽs to thҽ firҽwall, you can changҽ its sҽnsitivity lҽvҽl as you sҽҽ fit, as wҽll as activatҽ monitoring of thҽ Wi-Fi connҽctions and thҽ ҬCP/UDP filtҽr. Duҽ to Tiranium Internet Security, you can also blocқ all attҽmpts to scan your porta.

All in all, thҽ application can providҽ you with a rҽliablҽ solution for blocқing malwarҽ thrҽats; although its fҽaturҽ-sҽt is quitҽ limitҽd, it should bҽ ҽnough for homҽ usҽrs, ҽspҽcially for thosҽ who havҽ littlҽ computҽr sқills.

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today I've got a really mysterious review coming up once again this is ty rhenium internet security or antivirus the product itself seems to be in confusion now the setup is called tyranian antivirus but if you actually boot up the product it claims to be tyranian internet security this seems to be a very serious competitor they have a premium version which they're trying to sell it to you for I don't know how much there you go it calls itself ty rhenium internet security so I'll go by that name because they also have a firewall now the first thing you notice about this program is that the user interface is pretty outdated and it's basically for me it's just screaming out I'm not meant for consumer use right now I'm just in a developmental stage and please don't use me on a production machine but since they're actually selling out a premium version of this so I think it should be a bit more stable it does have a few bugs and this user interface is terribly dated I remember back in the day when I was installing windows 98 and what did we have them something like PC Celyn probably an older name for a Trend Micro's titanium the new for a name for that is and kind of reminds me of programs of that time like this user interface is not going to work it's not very user friendly there is absolutely no customization as far as the antivirus features are concerned you cannot decide what they will do when it finds threats no heuristics nothing it's not much you can change and this claims to be a cloud based cloud behavioral based antivirus product so it will be using your internet connection quite frequently it doesn't seem to have a very big offline database but anyway I will be giving it the full review treatment so as I've already said the user interface is not very friendly the only setting you can probably change are the ones in here and even that seems to be quite buggy like if I click left or right it just goes to low or high it doesn't ever get to normal unless I just drag it over there and they seem to be able to block port scans monitor your Wi-Fi connections and they have a TCP UDP filter so a very basic firewall should work I don't think they have any kind of intrusion prevention they have some kind of startup they have a startup manager this just opens the windows tool so it's nothing within the program but they have some kind of startup more monitoring so if malicious startup entry is created at warren CEO they've got an auto update system and this is basically all you can modify as you see this is the settings tab and these are all the settings we've got so not much at all as far as the memory usage is concerned this thing seems to be pretty heavy it is pretty heavy even excluding the high ram usage and it does analyze a lot of stuff now it wants to analyze task manager very funny it says it's supposed to take 3 to 10 seconds but this thing can easily go on for eternity if it's not working correctly so there you go 109 megabytes varies a bit but as you notice there's a really high CPU usage all the time and this is not very stable either it shuts down restarts sometimes you know it's it's not fully polished and ready to be sold product but they're selling it anyway so as far as I'm concerned this the free version so I don't know if their paid version is any better I don't think so it probably just enables that one little setting that you have over here web protection or something like that and as you can see there in face itself takes a really long time to just boot up there you go loading the interface is just like loading the program from scratch and that is a weird way of functioning it says there's one scan running it's not telling me anything about that and another thing I've noticed is if you do a scan over here and you navigate to any other tab you're not able to see the scan results anymore so it's weird so skipping everything about the user interface will just give it a prevention and detection test to see if this product can really protect you against errday malware these are fairly fresh links we will try them out and we'll see if tyranian can block us the real-time protection does work I've tested it out and just for those of you extra cautious viewers this is not a fake av period you can trust me at least on that that this is not a fake antivirus product I would be the first person to know if it was so now it's analyzing the file and it caught it okay that's good it's some kind of adware great so again not much to deal with here you can just say whether it's a false positive or you can get a list of threats not too many options let's try the next one it does take quite a while to analyze the files that you're running so no so I don't know sometimes malware may be able to override this thing before even it can analyze it that is one of the major drawbacks of this program it takes a while to analyze each and every file so you're looking at five seconds slow down in your work process pretty much no matter what you do but so far it's doing a good job it's blocked two threats this is a Trojan agent and these detections are correct let's continue and try the next one this is app file so we'll have to open it we can't so I'm assuming terraeum did something there here's another zip and we've got a control panel item let's open it and now it's being analyzed and now it's detected ones that tried to run a malicious process so the process was detected heuristic unknown malware that's good so it wants me to reboot the computer I'll do that later so this is more for like cure although this is meant for prevention it is not exactly preventing the malware it's allowing the malware to run and then it's analyzing it and if it finds it to be malicious its removing it so it's more of a detection and removal program although it does it all the time so they call it real-time protection but it's not actually blocking the file on access it's allowing the file to run and then it's trying to decide whether small issues or not let's see if this one gets caught again it's going to take a while and it's blocked I mean this a fairly fast computer and this thing does appear to be slowing it down so if you've got a dinosaur age computer although this does look like a dinosaur age program it's only going to work on really modern computers and their icon I mean their I don't know what to call it their logo looks like an alien it's kind of neat but I don't think it actually is justified looking at the product it would be more suited if they had a dinosaur in there I'd love to see that here's another file to deal with as you can see this thing is really slow to load and it's caught this one as well so yeah they've got this little alien banner it's kind of neat I'm in contact the developers and asked them to put a dinosaur banner there that would be way better seriously so far it's not done bad at all in fact it's blocked everything so so they're using a new method and I like that it's just that if they could make this process a bit faster it would be more useful for most users I guess the last one didn't seem to be caught it's being analyzed looks like tyranian has given no now it's detected so just when you're probably thinking that okay this file has gone through it pops up and it blocks it so that's good so it looks like tyranian has gotten rid of everything that we threw at it let's see how many threats we have in quarantine got five definitely ran more than that and this thing lags the user interface lags a bit too definitely needs a bit more programming going into that thing and as you can see we've got a couple of stuff running here it's probably kind of adware ish I don't know to process running so I'll just do a scan with malwarebytes and I'll be back while malwarebytes is loading I decided to start the detection test so we've got 474 items today I'll be moving this directly over here and let's see how the real-time protection responds and deals with these things it does take a while to analyze everything keep that in mind even when I load it up malwarebytes it took this thing a long time to analyze and give malwarebytes the permission to load so on an everyday basis using this product would severely increase your work time and that is something I don't like but apart from that it does seem to be doing a pretty good job well let's see how many samples it can detect the real time seems to be working pretty well and we're getting some detections so I'll be back when everything's analyzed or when the malwarebytes scan is complete whichever one completes first some really interesting things happen so I decided to interrupt you guys as you can see the file that ty rhenium let through has not turned out to be very friendly it's created a very unfriendly desktop icon it's giving a very unfriendly alert it seems to be saying that ty rhenium is a piece of malware and it's telling me to remove so obviously we've got a fake AV installed on our system and it doesn't close obviously it's not easy to get rid of it this is the fake AV that's installed and wow that's some Chinese fake AV so I can't even understand what they're trying to say yeah let's try to quit if we can I mean I don't even know what I'm clicking okay it seems to have terminated so maybe it's not a fake if he who knows whatever to that program is I have no idea what it is because it's in Chinese it was installed by that adware and now it's loading up something else so definitely not very friendly programs that have been installed on this computer so clearly tyranian missed deadly malware and now the system's even slower and it looks like this thing actually shows how many individual scans it's running so it scans files individually not you know just one scanner running through all the files I guess that's what it's doing but it kind of says that you've got 124 scans running or something like that so that's very confusing for an everyday user even to an experienced user like me and it does slow down the computer a lot when it's scanning I mean this is the real-time scan keep in mind I'm not even doing a custom scan or anything like that this is just the real-time guard and it analyzes pretty much every file that you run even if it's windows file it will have to lies at first so it's a resource hog I don't think at the moment it is a great idea to use this program but anyway well we'll give it a shot I will give it a full chance and I'll be back when finally this thing completes there is a good news and a bad news for ty rhenium well first the good news so apparently ty rhenium has cut and removed all the samples so that's a full hundred percent detection ratio it missed nothing now the bad news for tyranian is that it's letting a notorious Chinese malware and it's just installed so much junk on this system two hundred and ninety pieces of crap and as you can see there's lots of stuff on my desktop we've got some kind of fake AV installed it's not quite as dangerous as the other ones but it is still fairly malicious and you know just that one file that it missed has completely wrecked havoc in this entire system but apart from that it seems to have done very well now just to check whether or not they're bluffing because this detection rate is really high so just to do a little reality check I've got more samples so here I've got again 165 items they're completely from a different source so if they're bluffing it shouldn't be able to catch anything at all out of this so we'll check the detection rate on these samples and then we'll conclude how about how this new product did so we'll do a scan and I'll be right back what a pleasant surprise tyranian has once again proved itself by catching every single file in my second sample which is also fairly new so quite clearly this is a very good product their cloud-based analysis seems to be working very well and they do seem to be catching a lot of threats having said that their advertising is quite annoying as you can see and also it is fairly heavy and it can also be quite buggy sometimes so I wouldn't yet recommend using this and your main production machine as this is supposed to be your primary anti-malware protection so I would still recommend more testing on this if you're a tester I would highly recommend check this thing out it seems to be pretty good there cloud analysis does take a while but it's worth the wait I guess and ultimately if they could make it lighter more user-friendly I could I can definitely see this product doing very well in the future so for now I wouldn't be giving of every year recommendation as to whether or not you should be using this product but it seems to be doing well let's wait for more results to come and I doubt it if I'm the first reviewer to say that this is a good product I think it is done well and other reviews as well and they're using behavioral based technology so it's definitely one for the future so you never know this could be the future of anti-malware protection at the moment it may be slow but they might speed up the process and make it much more useful so I hope you guys enjoyed this quick little test I will see you guys in the next peace security Channel till then there's plenty to think about I guess so have a nice day and I'll talk to you later


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