Trend Micro HouseCall

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Considering the huge amount of Internet threats that an online connection comes with, you might get infected with some viruses and malware components that can harm your computer, slowing down your PC performance or even worse, stealing important data.

Trend Micro HouseCall

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These threats typically perform malicious activities, copying personal data and logging keystrokes, so your information may become vulnerable to viruses and Trojans.

Using Trend Micro HouseCall you have the possibility to identify and remove a wide range of threats including worms, unwanted browser plugins, spams, and viruses. It enables you to perform personalized scans that target critical system areas so you can get a better protection.

Basically, the application performs quick scans by default and since it focuses on the main key system areas, it might not identify infected files that are manually copied to your computer. A useful solution to these actions is to run a custom scan and specify the folder you are interested in.

Because it does not interact with your current antivirus program, it does not affect your PC performance too. Still, it is able to detect active malware and spyware or file-based threats that your antivirus is not able to detect. This way, even if your computer is already protected by another security software, you can rest assured that you get maximum protection.

What’s more, Trend Micro HouseCall detects web threats even if they are downloaded into infected machines. These threats not only pose a broad range of risks including data and identity theft, but they are also a potential gateway for other malicious components that can severely affect your computer.

However, when using Trend Micro HouseCall you should be aware that this application is not designed to substitute your current antivirus software. Although it is designed to identify and remove various viruses and worms, used together with your security solution is able to provide you with a comprehensive protection available for your personal and financial information.

To wrap it up, Trend Micro HouseCall proves to be a reliable and effective solution when it comes to identifying and removing viruses, Trojans and other malicious software.

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hello everybody techno sleuth Craig Chamberlain here we are on the virus removal series and we are an episode 8 hopefully you're not bored out of your minds by now but I'm trying to be completely thorough with the virus removal series you may have already removed it and you're not even dealing with it anymore maybe you'll never even see this episode that's fine if you removed it the virus removal series was successful for you now this is for those tough to remove viruses don't forget and make sure you go through all the episodes in order so you can do the proper backups and things like that now we're gonna go ahead and open up our virus removal HD pack that we got from my website that was in episode 2 if you don't have it yet make sure you go download it they are in order we've ran all of these applications up to the Nov 30 2013 because you actually have to have networking to run both n ODS on line scanner and the trend trend micro house-call and also as well as the update definitions on the superantispyware online scanner once the updates have completed it's gonna bring open the licensing agreement of course read it because I know you all read those agreements because their rights right nice and short right huh just click Next next you'll be greeted with the main house call screen here's the big blue Scan button but you want to click settings below it first choose full system scan even though they recommend the quick scan we are looking all over the place for these viruses click OK then click scan now and that will start your computer scan check it out it found one on mine hey that's creepy once it's completed of course the risk is high that's actually kind of creepy go ahead and select fix now and it's telling me that I'm gonna have to restart which is normal just go ahead and do it that way I'm gonna go to more details here and what I'm gonna do is I want to write down the the actual name of this looks like it's a generic Trojan which means it doesn't have a name and if it doesn't have a name that typically means it's not like a ridiculously dangerous one but the reason you want to write these down is sometimes these are notorious for reinstalling themselves after you've removed them up so that in previous videos but go ahead and and run the clean and then go ahead and restart now and that's pretty much all there is to it thanks for stopping by as always leave comments and ratings and don't forget to subscribe and if this didn't find it and remove it then that will keep moving forward and hopefully well one of our pieces of software will get it and it sounds like you have a really bad one if it doesn't have it by now but hey man that's why I did this it's completely thorough and thanks for stopping by


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