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USB is a freeware Windows tool designed to provide an extra layer of security to your USB removable drives by controlling the Autorun.inf file and thus blocking potential threats.


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The purpose of the program is fairly simple, as it places an icon in System Tray and monitors USB ports for new plugged in devices.

Designed to run all the time, USB automatically renames the Autorun.inf file of any connected removable drive, just to make sure no infection that usually spreads with the help of USB devices manages to reach your computer.

Plus, the Autorun.inf file thus becomes visible to the system and the other security solutions that may be installed, including antivirus products, and allows them to perform a scan easier.

The System Tray icon allows you to check the local drives for Autorun.inf files, but also disable autorun for all system drives, while a different settings menu lets you enable messages the Tray icon, select command file and run it on removable device connection.

As said, USB is supposed to run all the time, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it slows down the system and hampers performance. It runs on low resources and works okay on all Windows workstations, becoming a great tool for both older and newer machines.

Overall, USB does what it says, but most today's antivirus and security products are already performing this task, while ensuring a high level of protection for each USB port. On the other hand, USB is very easy to use and provides a limited number of configuration options that makes it appropriate for all types of users, be they beginners or more experienced.

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hey sup guys posted knows best here today I'm going to be showing you the most secure thumb drive that I personally ever use this is the Kingston DataTraveler 2000 at Kingston this sponsor this video and they sent me this drive to show you all the details about it so it's going to jump right into it now the first thing you notice that it does have a number pad on the front of it that's the coolest thing about this droplet we'll come back to that's going to talk about some of the tech specs that same does come in 16 32 and 64 gigabyte configurations and it is a USB 3.1 drive so you can use it with a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 port and if you are can be using it with a USB 3.0 port you can expect for the 16 gigabyte version to get a read time of 120 megabytes per second and a right time with 20 megabytes and also for the 32 and 64 gigabyte configurations they're identical at 135 megabytes to read and 40 megabytes right now this drive is all about security - keeping all your files safe and secure and as far as encryption does have aes 256-bit data encryption in xes mode this is going to be government-level type of encryption so this Rob is going to be great for carrying documents that may have social security numbers on them or any other personal type information or the carry any type of home movies or anything like that it's don't want to get out to the public this drive will help keep all that stuff secure now the drivers also rated ip57 so it's not waterproof but it is going to be able to take most flashes of water and especially just leave it in your pocket while walking in the rain it shouldn't get damaged at all but I was going to get back to the main thing about this Drive that stands out and that is the number pad on the front of it so somebody was to still describe and it is pretty intimidating I don't think a lot of people would want to but something was to fill this and try to put this inside of their computer it wouldn't even mount so winning me show up on the computer itself because of the hardware security that it has with this number pad I mean first take this Drive out of the box if you need to get rid of the default pin and then put your own personal pin inside of it and just follow the user manual does take a couple of steps but basically once we get your PIN is thought of it all you need to do now is press this little key button at the bottom and it will go ahead and start blinking and then put in your PIN and then after you put in your PIN and press that key button again it'll go ahead and unlock itself now if you have big fingers and these keys are a little small so it just took me a little while to get used to it but after entering my pin a number of times well according this video I got pretty good at it and also depending on your computer setup you probably want to go ahead and enter the pin and unlock this USB Drive before you put in your computer because you are using something like an iMac and the USB ports on the back of it you don't want to be having to reach around and enter independence up you can put the pin in and then put in the thumb drive no go ahead and pop up you're going to start using it now the tribe does have a read only mode and also a timeout lock mode and with the timeout mode you can set it for like 20 minutes and then after that time goes by ovoid and automatically lock itself and so ultimately this is a really good thing to have in your arsenal to keep things secure we all have things that may have important information on them and this is a really good way to make sure that even if you do lose it you have a really good peace of mind that nobody's going to be able to get the information on it so I'll leave the link down to the data travel 2000 in the description of this video for to go check out more information about that also thanks again to Kingston for sponsoring this video and I'll link down to the youtube channels going to check out more information about some of their products as well and like always guys leave your comment down below what you think about this video in this data traveler 2000 and make sure to follow me on my social media networks and like always thanks for watch this video and I will catch you later


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