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hi guys my name is ecat as promised today we're looking at everything IT specifically Venom vs. tarantula 2 as a professional I've purchased all of these items by myself nothing was sent for this review show but I thought it would be really interesting for you guys to know what I use and maybe it will help you get into IT if you were scared to get into it before it took me a long time before I took this step to jump into IC and working what I see but once you get in you can't stop is just really amazing the type of magic effects you can accomplish so let's dive right into this this is the box and you have the original tarantula so the first version I will not open this one but there is Toronto two right there so you can see the difference in packaging and this cable here goes with Toronto - I just didn't think that was fitting really well in the box so I keep it separate and there you go and the original Toronto came with a battery sort of like a watch battery instead of a cable to charge it so you cannot charge this one but you can the two they look almost identical if you do open the box it is a device that's meant not to be concealed on your clothing but meant to be concealed at your fingertips so that is why I'm not going to show you what it looks like but it's pretty easy conceal even my three-year-old son was able to perform with Toronto ah I've been using Toronto one pretty much since it came out this is my second one the first did break so maybe it was more fragile built but that's that's the overview of that never have Venom I'll show you what it looks like in the box it looks like a very premium packaging by the way so we'll get back to this mechanical real shortly and tarantula and also spider print Pro it's a motor so it's not mechanical it's motorized so that's why you need to charge it or have a battery and then I have here some I'll let you guys read it alright I see our that's elastic so it's in this this little kind of you know when you dental floss so it's a bit like that in terms of packaging but a very very fragile thread I use it for some effects but to be honest they're very rarely but I need to have it sometimes and then I have some masika's Masika by the way is the creator of the tarantula and the spider patent Pro n has amazing wax great quality this is also fda-approved so you can eat it nothing will happen to you and also I bought refills this is the refill that goes into the spider pen Pro or the Toronto um so I have two of these but lately I've been just using stronger thread then the thread provided with the tarantula so I thread almost everything with this thread which I'll show you in just a moment but I wanted to show you that you basically are a quick equipped almost for life but all of this walks so I keep everything in this cool little package and then this thread is my favorite thread because I do a lot of work with invisible thread also on stage and and also even in close-up I do prefer to have more solid threat this will be more able to the light and this is called Pearson's Vectra stage thread and this is V 2 of that I discovered this through my local magic shop but I've been ordering online since so I'll put some links for you in the description box of everything that I have and it does come with this wax but to be honest I don't like that one my favorite isn't I see his wax that I just showed you so this will last you for a very very long time and I read threaded my Toronto one with this more solid thread and my suspicion is that Venom contains a thread similar to this one one thing that I did not appreciate is that in the Venom project they did not tell us what thread they use so you can't really refill on the thread separately but they do at measure Factory sell the thread the knot the thread but basically what I showed you for like them the refill you could buy the refill that just plugs into the reel which I should show you as well so you get an idea I'll do I have to be very careful with this one the reason I have to be very careful is because Venom in the way that it's meant to be used is is as a do dual system so it's connected so I have to be very careful not to break the thread as I show you what's in there but that's what you could refill and what's really cool about Venom is that this basically is independent from the mechanical mechanism of the rubberband I'm not going to explain to you how it works inside but it's a real and there's a rubber band then there's a certain amount of tension and the thread will be more visible or as visible as this one that I own that I love actually so for me I was pleasantly surprised that came with this type of thread so wreath reading for me will not be much of a problem with them tarantula comes with a thread that's much easier to conceal so that I'll put this aside for now and then I have a lot of abuse I have basically a lifetime supply of elastic thread that's not meant to be invisible but it can find it's really well so many card tricks I use this so many other things so I love this and no one tells you where to get this thread when you buy products that use this thread so it's your lucky day I'll link in the description box learn to get this it takes a long time for it to arrive to your house sometimes but uh you only really need one I just have a lot cuz I use it so much and then I just kept thread from different coin gimmicks so I have a locking gravity flipper thread here oh and inside I actually put some more thread more thread than that my ever my first ever thread was them Jeff McBride's fundamental rising thread and it's you know it's like that and I have my little needle too to help and to be honest that is just as good so yeah I still have it just to show you historically that's what was the first thing that I used and I have yeah some more thread for coins and I won't show you the rest but it's more more types of thread and all of these to me are equal to that one so you always get small quantity with your gimmicks so get yourself proper amount of expres so at all times you have to understand whatever thread you're working with it is going to break it is going to break guys so be prepared and have nice storage I'll fix it later and then I have this thread that I bought now traditionally you get this thread black and you have to strip it there you go so you get it block like that and then you have to strip it individually and that's to perform anything static so if something is static that's that's what you're going to use and this is also for static thread use but it's this the same tone as your skin so I haven't really experimented much with this one but I got it just for fun for experimenting but since I got ITRs I've rarely used static thread but um it's still very useful sometimes you do just need a simple static thread hookup and that's all you need and then I have loops again by ego Masika this retails as you can see for $15 very great way to carry the the loops okay so you see some of them do break and you just buy more loops are basically something you can loop yourself and there are many projects that teach you how to loop with using this but I've personally realized that I am NOT interested in looping myself elastic thread so I just buy loops so loops are great and I have quite a bit of these because I am realistically aware that these will break and you have to have good backup so that is a quick overview of that so now you know what we're we're dealing with but in addition to that I'm scoring something else in this box which is regular traditional classical ITR like that and as a professional I do have two of each usually so yeah to tarantulas now venema already comes with two but this is a comparison between basically what you're used here your classic traditional ITR is made out of very cheap plastic with these crocodile things that do get on glued that I've had to glue back and the plastic if you drop it it can crack or if you try to fix it you could crack the plastic so it's a little bit cracked for me here here as well and then this one Venom nothing can crack this will last you a long time now you notice what I did because it's professional I was already carrying tooth the classical ones I wanted to see if I could create the same kind of duel system as Venom and perform similar effects and indeed you can perfectly do that but again you don't have access to the amazing content the Venom if you just have that but again from professional point of view I've already had these and a half Venom but in the event my Venom breaks on me and I don't have time during the close-up round that I'm doing to switch it I rather have this as a backup that I could install and perform the same effects as a Venom and this is threaded with a much more invisible thread then Venom is so I expect this to break first actually not the Venom one but just in case if I perform I would bring those two and I would actually bring my two Taranto's as well so that's a lot to bring with you but uh I suspect that I would be okay with just this alright but there are some effects that you will want to perform with taranta light but anyway this is these reels one of them I got from one of magic Beliz project and the other one was from invisible that's also available through illusionist Venom I bought through illusionist but you can buy through magic factory I'll probably in two-dimension factory because all the refill stuff is would be on that site and this if it breaks like it's it's such a headache because the thread is is in the middle of the reel so it's dependent with the mechanical reel but here as I showed you it's on top and the working is here so they never interfere so you never really have to break a sweat when change anything on these so this is modular you can customize it further you could remove the clip here if you want it to wear as well and you can remove most of this and you can change the threads you can even change the rubber band here you cannot change much so luckily you've always been able to repair this myself but it looks pretty messed up and yeah just from a quality perspective obviously Venom much much more quality product and this I mean if you buy - it's not super far from the price of Venom the price of Venom is $150 u.s. for me and Canadian knives was much much more expensive of course so I think it's time to chat about Venom vs. tarantula - okay and I have to show you I have to show you and I'm gonna open up the project here because it could be streaming or you can download the project so he goes they first introduced the product and they do build really nice thanks for for magicians such as Venom and it's a project that took a lot of engineering and design into it and then they partnered with actor after his teaching on this project and he's just such an amazing artist right after I've watched this ad at him on Facebook I hope to connect with him mind-blowing things that you could do with IT I've really never been as inspired to work with IT as I was on this project so although you could kind of imitate the workings with this it still does not take anything away from the fact that the project itself to me had higher value at $150 u.s. so is it worth it just for the instructional material I would say yes but also you get very solid product there's a trailer explanation introduction using and customizing Venom so after your shovel hey afterwards goes into the effects time stop times up in the spectators hand time stop is the effect with the ring that is my favorite effect on the whole project and then how to do time stop with a heavier ring the flying ring which looks amazing as well ring on Phoenix in index fingers so we kind of reverse the time stop how do you move heavy object and for me that is crucial and that's one of the reasons I use a heavier stock of thread and the classic content deck if you wanted to perform that with what Venom linking rings routine the cross concept the cross concept I loved this one it looks super impossible but yeah watch out for for delighting there the light glass movement table hookup indirect thread use explanation floating ring conclusion maintenance and adjustments linking to Venom's together because it's first you do want to understand how you make that happen and then there's some Venom tips and bonus the making of and making of they're just such fun guys love this love this and then if you compare it directly with which you receive as instructional material with the trantolo - I mean you would expect that there's something new but it's kind of the same stuff I surround a little one it was a long break that I didn't want to say something too negative it's not negative but it's it's not revolutionary what you could do at a tarantula compared to the first one so you could he does talk about the new Toronto lab what is different and what's different with the new tarantula it's so if knowledge II so essentially the same technology as used on the spider pen Pro I do not own spider pen Pro because again I try to reduce things that I used on on me as a person because it's limiting to the wardrobe and the pen is a very classic pen so you really it really has to fit your character which it doesn't for me I don't use those kind of pens so for me tarantula was a better solution because it's not you don't need to worry about wardrobe it's concealed at your fingertips so no problem there don't at all and then in Toronto them a lot of people were concerned about the notion of being hands-free nothing in your hands and you could if you just put the tarantula gimmick in your pocket however that's still not super efficient it's better to use it at your fingertips because you can't do all the stuff with the tarantula stored in your pocket and then so the new Toronto look great no battery now is charging us bead has the sole technology the difference between Toronto one is mainly that technology that the motor will always keep tension on the thread and try to pull it back to the real whereas Toronto one you would extend the thread and the thread will remain extended until you press the button to activate it to go back which actually I like better so Toronto a2 and you heard me well I like to turn to the one better so Toronto it to you extent and it gets sucked sucked back Toronto one you push on the button get sucked back so Toronto two again the way to lock it is to let go and it will want to pull it back and to prevent it from pointing back there's a locking mechanism and that's the button so the button the purpose of the button on the tarantula changed so it was the first time it was to suck it back and to activate the motor and the second version of Toronto is to lock and that's really the main advantage that translate to has over Venom it's that locking mechanism which I did not find on venema and there there is no locking mechanism really on Venom but it's a completely different hookup completely different hookups on both of these projects so let me continue with tarantula to adjusting your Toronto of floating bill explanation floating candy lifesaver explanation has free explanation performance tips fixing broken thread secure the thread and the wax magnetic explain hunted pack explained more tips hovering and then recommended products final words and then a bonus picky touches that's maybe the only thing that's new I guess and then some credits so anything you could do with Toronto one you will still be doing with Toronto to accept better build yes a little bit less fragile than the one but really different use of that button and for some reason I still prefer the the fact that it was all the button is served as the thing that sucks it because you do have to apply a little bit more pressure on the button to lock the mechanism at once to pull back the thread alright so I think that pretty much sums it up everything that I showed you in one way or another I use so I cannot tell you one thing is better than another another thing Toronto a2 is definitely better for beginners I mean my son can perform it it's very easy to perform maybe this is this advantage of Toronto to is the fact that you knew concealed at your fingertips so and the gimmick is you know it's not meant for every skin tone or not that I found so I think it's only one type of skin tone so that's a bit maybe discriminatory with that project but anyway that's the only thing and then Venom does require certain wardrobe you need to wear either a shirt that has two pockets to store the gimmick or or and this is a tip that I really loved you buy this from any dollar store whatever it's just pins a bunch of pins and you can transform any clothing into being able to carry the Venom gimmick and protip you can use a scar that's a pro tip I can give you so I really hope I gave you guys enough value in this review for you to be able to bring your thread work to the next level or to equip yourself with the tools that you will be using if you're very serious about it and that's about it to wrap the review I'd like to thank you once again for watching and I'll see you very soon


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