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Virtual Audio Cable is a digital car designed to connect only or more video apps in that to move video rivers between them.

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This undelete method introduces the 'virtual wires', which refer to a start of virtual video gadgets containing feedback and production seaports. Practically, the feedback seaport documents the video message (from a songs guy, for reason) and sends it to the locale initiative (such as a loud coprocessor or measurement) using the production seaport.

Once you install the car, you are able to use its grip committee in that to configure the working variables. While the customizatin way might seem easy due to the organized interface, making the app stuff is quite a hurdle. Therefore, before starting, it is strongly recommended to go through all the paperwork carefully.

Some of the displayed variables problem the car, while them refer to each cablevision. The first something you can change is the proportion of virtual wires created by the initiative. Adding a new only displays a new something in the tracking frontmost. You can view the proportion of detected rivers and change the employee thread proportion and imperative.

On the other way, there are various other variables to configure for each cablevision. Setting the amount cases proportion, the sampling percentage and pieces per test line and the way proportion are just some of the alternatives that you can modify according to your tastes. You can also enable the torrent firebreak undelete, amount grip, as well as way blending.

When the setup way is over, you need to open an video producing initiative that allows you to choose a syncing gadget. The Audio Repeater app is the only that does the actual move, from the recording seaport to the other video gadget. If more than only app sends video rivers to Virtual Audio Cable, the car mixes the message together.

Although it can be definitely qualified as hard to use, Virtual Audio Cable promises to pass the video message with no kind losses and can prove handy once you get the thing of it.

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what up YouTube Mike here Pat bangers calm today with a new tutorial and this tutorial is about recording your internal audio from your computer into your audio application and the tool I'm using here as a virtual audio driver called virtual cable which comes from sky life the people who also did the great sample robot software and it's really easy to set it up and I will give you a quick walkthrough and how to show you how to set it up so let's go first of all what we need is a little software that comes with the driver which is called instrument host it comes in 32 and 64 bit as you can see I already did some routing here but I will disconnect this real quick and I will guide you through all this now first of all I have to say when i install the driver my virus scanner popped up and alarmed me that something's going on but I talked to the guy from sky life and there's really nothing to worry about it's just because some files on the registry and stuff like that getting modified and I'm running this for now like one week and I had no problems at all so it's it's totally safe you can trust the software and if you're a virus scanner won't let you install the software just disable it for a couple of minutes until you're done okay so now let's get started as you can see these are for virtual stereo in and outputs you can use you can also use MIDI input to routed between applications and you can do lots of crazy stuff with it but to set up a simple internal loop back function if you want to sample from your browser from YouTube or record your record a CD that plays in your laptop drive or some like that it's really easy i'm going to show you so my audio player here is winamp and let's go to the config here go to my output plugins direct sound output and configure and now you can see here where it says primarily a primary sound driver I'm gonna choose something different and now you have a bunch of options from sample robot you have for audio outputs you can route the signal too so I'm going to route this to audio 1 ok so now when I'm just routing it to output 1 and here in my instrument hose and go to options change settings for first three and my input needs to be sample robot audio 1 so now when M goes out and goes here into the first three now when the output I want to choose another sample robot audio so I'm choose semble robot audio too ok and let's see if we got a signal if I play something here I'm going to close this and let's play it and as you can see here is coming an input signal alright so now I'm gonna route a close this and here you can set up your sample rate all your buffer size MIDI output all stuff right in the options and now I just draw the wire from input to output alright so now I'm switching to my recording software and I go here to my settings audio and now for my standard input i need to i needed i need to set it up to this audio output which is sandra robot audio too head okay so when I now create a new project here and I arm my first strike for recording so when I now start winamp what happens is it goes out to my virtual driver routes it back to my virtual driver and send it right here into my recording software so if I hit play I should get a signal right here let's check it out and this is working so now I could just record anything that comes with women neither it's um a CD track and my cd-rom drive or if you go ahead and change your arm your main output to virtual audio driver you could also record everything that runs through your primary sound card which is your browser or any other audio application that runs that driver so you can record almost anything from your computer one thing left to do is you can hear anything yet because there's nothing going out to your speakers so we're going back to the instruments host and change settings for the second stream and now here as before my input I also want to have sample robot audio 1 so the virtual input I but I want to route it to the complete audio six main output which is my audio interface that sense audio straight down to my speakers so if I hit play here now we should get a signal in the recording software and we should hear something from the speakers so let's check this out all right we got a test signal right here and of course I need to draw the wires to hear something and one more time let's shake it out it's working so that's it so far one more thing left to say if you're using machine Studio One or any other software that uses your audio interfaces a co-driver you can't route virtual cable to your a co-driver because it's a lock driver if you want to record from your CD drive or from your browser straight into your dog that uses a zo you need to switch that a co-driver to a zero for all which gives you access to the virtual cable and that's it pretty easy you just change your SEO driver and you get the same options right here you go to your first stream maybe and you choose this to to AZ oh and you got your settings right here for easier for all that's it i hope you like this hope this helps you guys out and see you next time bye you


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