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Virus Remover is a utility created to help you eliminate the Shortcut Virus (also known as the Houdini Worm) from a USB device.

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The application enables you to remove all the shortcuts created by the virus and reveal the files it hides while the device is infected.

It's an easy to install tool as all you have to do is follow the indications given by the classic wizard interface and once it's complete, the application adds a shortcut to your desktop from where you can run it.

Virus Remover displays a more than comprehensive user interface in the form of a simple window from where you select the device you want to clean. After you choose the device, a click on the 'Remove Virus' button triggers the application.

If a device is not initially recognized, Virus Remover provides a refresh button which you can click and the application rescans all the exiting USB connected devi

It's important to note that Virus Remover was created to only deal with the Shortcut Virus. It should not be used in attempt to remove or clean USB drives that have been infected with other viruses or malware components.

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hi guys will consist video in this video we take a look at a free piece of software you can download to remove malware it's called no viruses fanks you can get it from this website here it's a free download I've never used it before so I want to give it a test in this video now I've infected this virtual box here just to see how it fares and how it cleans up the system and I've read a bit about it and it's had some good reviews so I want to do is give it a test now what I will do is I'll run a scan with this and then i'll run malwarebytes afterwards to see what is left behind so what we can do here is run a scan now so i'll try and run a scan and maybe it might stop me from running this scam will soon see I'm getting redirects there okay as you can see getting a load of rubbish popping up and it's this is obviously tdss for I always stop me from actually running this so what we may need to do is may need to go into safe mode to see if we can run the program in safe mode so I'll quickly reboot the system and also see in safe mode now what we're going to do is tap on f8 to get into safe mode so I've already updated it so I'm just going to go in safe mode without networking at this stage because I want to be connected to the Internet and we'll just see if we can run the program in safe mode i'm not too sure if we can yet so we just need to see so i let this boot up ok so we're going to test load this up now remember this is a virtual machine just so I can show you guys how to remove it from here but it will work the same way on a normal computer so that is slowed in so what I'm going to do now is I'm going to actually fire this up and see if it will allow me to run which it will do okay so now we've got the program open because it won't let me run in normal mode I'm going to run this in safe mode and that's the best way to go around it now some programs don't let you run in safe mode for some reason some do so that some of that look English and things okay we've got the settings up here as you can see also update I've got there and moved down a little bit as you can see here delete but these little tabs here click on that and use aggressive deletion I've put that in there you can create a restore point if you want to by putting a tick in there which is always a good good thing to do and backing up report so it's just a scan do a quick types can we do a full scan afterwards we can do use paranoid scan that looks pretty good i'll put the tick in there as well just to make sure it picks everything ok let's try a quick scan see what we can find just leave this running ok the scarcely finished his fan free item so far it's only a quick scan so what we'll do is we'll see how it fares now I'm not suggesting this is going to replace malwarebytes or anything like that but what you can do is use in conjunction with malwarebytes or superantispyware or something like that to help you rid yourself from malware so let's see what the scan comes up with doesn't look very promising so far we've only free bits there I'm pretty sure they'd be more than out on there but we'll soon see ok so to run an open a report we can do that if we wanted to be able to say no for this video so just going to click these here and remove these okay needs a reboot is saying so as you can see they're saying it's deleted them and it needs a reboot so let's give it a reboot and let's try and get to the desktop now the normal desktop Robin safe mode and see how it fares ok okay windows is logging in ok we can see some of years trying to install clean sweep Exe will should say no to that and we need to do now is give them our where bites to scan and see what happens see if it starts up okay lets me open this up wonderful let me know I'm piece of a program up okay so let me open this up a program they're worse before it wasn't so let's give it another skin give me a fair chance we'll give it a full-scale this time from the desktop to make sure it gets a fair chance okay with do a full scan here and it's again so that that run a case found clean sweep okay it's found a few of us now it didn't obviously delete those to which it said it was going to delete on the reboot okay so that's the scan finished it's a very quick scan I'll give it that is quicker than all the other ones that I've used but it's no good being quick if it doesn't remove any of the MELD elit malware that were asked me to remove so I'm just going to let this remove this now okay deleted needs reboot warning this keeps opening for some reason okay we do another reboot I'll pause there okay we let this reboot in its back okay so let's have a little look now with malwarebytes and see what's left and see what is left behind we'll see if we get any redirects okay I can see we are getting already redirects or Chinese language pack going in as you can see here which is not good sign it hasn't done a very good job I've already updated a malware bytes so I'm just going to get a quick scan found three straight away five okay as you can see the scan still going is a quick scan we're doing and it's already found 26 infections so it's not looking good for no no viruses thanks so let's say that it will look 35 so I'm gonna have a quick look here now and as you can see it's found a fair bit a back door but registry key file so it's left files behind back door but they're okay some other files here trojan and I suppose it was supposed to be deleting this file here but it never did it lifts it behind so that's not good so what would do is remove these let this remove and I'll give this a full scan or restart the computer and give the full scan anyway I thinking get the general idea on that so I think this is a thumbs down for this software really no virus fanks maybe i'll give you another test a little bit later on with some other against some other stuff but I mean he's free i suppose and it's worth having in you ask me if you want to scan for malware but it didn't really get rid of much really in my opinion I'll let you make your own decisions okay so my name is Brian bright o'clock okay thanks guys for watching thanks for support if you enjoy my videos please remember hit the subscribe bun and i'll see you again soon bye for now


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