WinX DVD Copy Pro

WinX DVD Copy Pro 3.9.1 + Crack Serial

WinX DVD Copy Pro is an application that allows you to create copies of your DVD videos, in case they are damaged or lost.

WinX DVD Copy Pro

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The interface of the program is easy to navigate through. WinX DVD Copy Pro allows you to create a full DVD disc backup or just DVD title backup.

The first option allows you to clone a DVD to another disc, to an ISO file or to a VIDEO_TS folder. So, you can select the source DVD from a drop-down list or by using the folder view, specify its target location (folder or DVD burner) and proceed with the task.

But you can also remove the DVD region code, CSS (Content Scramble System) encryption and UOPs (User Operation Prohibition), as well as specify the number of sectors to read (per time) and to jump when finding bad sectors. WinX DVD Copy Pro can be set to delete the temporary files when the task is done.

When it comes to creating DVD title backups, you have the option of copying DVD chapters or the whole video to a single MPEG2 file, as well as of extracting only the audio or video stream. Additionally, WinX DVD Copy Pro provides tools for mounting an ISO file and for burning a DVD movie.

The DVD video processing tool requires a moderate amount of system resources to finish a task in reasonable time. It offers multi-language support and includes user documentation. We have not encountered any error dialogs throughout our testing and WinX DVD Copy Pro did not freeze or crash. All in all, this is a pretty straightforward program that can be handled by first-time and experienced users alike.

WinX DVD Copy Pro Review

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hello everyone and welcome to WinX DVD Copy Pro now this program is used to copy dvds or copy iso files or whatever you want to do with those type of files so the first one we have here is clone DVD and as you can see here you can select your source just push your DVD in and we'll select the source and then you have the target where you want to burn the DVD to our copy it to you also have a couple options here like remove DVD region code and another one here says check Disney's fake I'm not sure what that's for but maybe you know and maybe we'll find it helpful so it has a couple options here that you can use you can also choose how many sectors to read per second and if you want to jump sectors you can also do that as well it also gives you this neat line here that tells you how much space you will need to be free on your hard drive so you don't have to be worrying about it stopping in between copying and the next one we have here is clone DVD to us on our ISO file is basically the DVD file as a file on your computer which you can burn at a later date or you could use you can mount it to a program and watch it if you want to and it has the same option so it's basically the same thing as only that you're creating a virtual DVD on your PC the next one you have is very into a video TS folder now this will make video files that you could just double click and it will start playing in VLC or windows media player so this is basically the same thing again it's just creating a video file for you this time now we go over to where it says DVD title and backups now you can copy a single MPEG file where you can copy maybe a single title from the DVD so if there are a lot of different videos on this one DVD you could create a specific one that you want you can also copy a specific chapter from a specific DVD so you could get very precise with the section that you want to copy it also tells you the duration so you know exactly which one you want to copy we have a section here that allows you to extract only the video so maybe you want to extract the video from something and then add your own voice over a sound to it then you can go ahead and do so using this feature here you can also extract only the audio so maybe it's a music video DVD and you want the songs you can just extract the audio and you will have the songs ready to play so this has been WinX DVD Copy Pro you can click the link down below if you would like to download it and try it or if you'd like to purchase it with a fourteen dollars off you will also get a bonus winx DVD ripper platinum and also 30 day money-back guarantee so you don't have to worry so click the link down below today and get WinX DVD Copy Pro you


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