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xCore Complex Protection is a useful and easy to handle piece of software created to offer you the means of securing your system against outside dangers, including various forms of malware and viruses.

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Following the installation process, you will be required to restart your PC, in order for the tool to start defending your computer.

The utility features a fairly attractive and intuitive interface, much like a lot of other antivirus solutions out there, so it is unlikely that you will encounter any difficulty in working with xCore Complex Protection.

The main window displays your current system’s status, indicating which components are active (‘File Antivirus’, ‘Firewall’, ‘Proactive Protection’ or ‘USB Antivirus’), but you do not have the option of disabling them from the start panel, only from their own tab.

The ‘Scanner’ tab allows you to set a preferred level of protection ranging from minimal to maximal, after which you can choose the drive that you want to analyze for potential threats. You also have the option of selecting a specific folder to investigate, but you cannot do pick an individual item to scan, neither from the main window not from the context menu.

The ‘Firewall’ displays the currently active connections, as well as the amount of traffic in KB, including the ‘Network Activity’, with the running processes or protocols. The ‘Proactive Protection’ tab helps you establish a list of ‘Admitted’ and ‘Prohibited’ processes, so whenever xCore Complex Protection encounters them, you will be asked to confirm your actions.

From the ‘USB Disk Protection’ section, you can scan a selected USB drive, while from the ‘Tools’ menu, you can open the ‘Process Manager’ and view or close certain applications. The ‘Autolaunch Manager’ enumerates the startup programs, letting you remove unwanted entries from the list.

To conclude, xCore Complex Protection is a handy and efficient utility that can successfully assist you in keeping your PC safe against various online threats and attacks, enabling you to detect malware on your system heuristically and remove it with minimal effort.

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greetings everyone this is the P security Channel and today we'll be taking a look at a brand new program called X Corps antivirus or X core complex protection in which they give you a scanner or firewall a proactive protection which is there Saturday component I'm not entirely sure if this is a behavior blocker or hips module but it's something something in between I guess and they've got a far wall and USB disk protection I'm not exactly sure how this works but basically they give you scanner firewall proactive protection so this is their net security suite and this is free so you only have to pay to remove the ads from the application otherwise you're free to use it as you like and let me show you that this thing is up to date now I don't have my regular samples today so we won't be able to do the full review on this application but since this is a brand new program I decided to give it a shot anyway now while it's updating let's take a look at some of their advanced settings now they have language settings and you can basically select English or Russian this is a Russian program it's made by Russian developer which is pretty eminent it's not something goes without saying basically and you can change the way the scanner works you can auto scan memory scan sub directories use X course scanning technology which is supposed to make your scans a lot faster and you can scan archives and you do have some advanced settings in here and you can delete or quarantine the files found so the usual stuff and let's go into the flash drive protection use flash antivirus so it's basically just a fancy way of saying real-time protection for your flash drive if it should work just like real time protection for your hard drive i don't know why they have to make separate module for this and then you have the proactive protection now this the interesting part it's supposed to give you some alerts which you can either allow or block and you can set the default to deny or allow and basically you have a mode for advanced users so I'm not exactly sure how this works but because this applications tends to give a lot of alerts even in their standard mode I'm not going to enable this right now so we'll leave it at default settings because I still don't understand what exactly this advanced mode is and you have firewall settings so that's basically it fairly simple program works well but i'm not sure about proactive protection or how this thing works I've seen the scanner I've done a scan it's probably fast and now let's check out the memory usage which is also quite low it seems to be using only around 15 megabytes yep so that's pretty low memory usage so I'm really happy with that so I don't have any malware links today so let's just go and grab our files now these files are quite old they're a few days old and they're only hundred of them but let's see how many can block well the real time protection was turned on and I just copied these files I didn't see a single alert so I'm not sure how good their file antiviruses alright so we have our hundred items and X Corps is not doing anything just here I've got the files and they're not doing anything so this definitely not a great thing to see I mean the real time protection basically it should scan and remove these files but it looks like it's not going to anything at all until I run them so anyway before that I will do with scan so let's check out how fast they're scanning on unknown files so basically we'll just have to add this folder alright so here's our folder and we're going to do a scan so let's see how long this takes and I guess it is going to take a while so I'll be back with the results of the scan alright so the scan was fairly fast but it says it only detected six items skipped one and that's it so not a lot of files were caught in fact nothing was caught by the real-time protection but the scan seems to have caught six items that's not a great result in fact it's a ridiculous detection ratio of just six percent so I'm definitely not happy with their guard the real-time protection seems to be doing nothing at all and even their scan is terrible I mean I just got six of hundred files that's not a great result now having said that let's check out their proactive protection and if it can do something and block these files when I try to run them so let's go ahead and run some of these files here goes number one I didn't get any alerts for this one number two okay it requires net framework number three once just fine number four grade so finally we've got a hips alert here and it says that this thing is trying to access registry key it's basically trying to make a startup item I guess so we're going to block that and finally some action by X Corps let's continue alright so this one's also trying to create a startup item will block that so X Corps does tell you when something creates a star to buy them but then again it's going to do that for every program so you might as well have allowed it because when it does it for every program and it's not giving you any proper info about this process it becomes really confusing because I've seen a lot of alerts from this program about windows services and stuff like that so I don't know I mean a regular user could also hit allow but any whale block this so I'm basically giving Xcor the advantage by hitting block every time so basically it's just blocking any program from creating startup items so that's something but it's not great to be honest and now let's try to enable their defense mode and see if that does anything extra so this is their mode for advanced users let's go ahead and save that and let's try some more links I mean them some more files now alright so now we get more actions so testing is trying to create a registry key again so basically their advanced mode doesn't give you more alerts what it does it gives you more actions so you can block the process and place it in block list you can deny the action but not kill the process you can allow one time action or you can just block and terminate and that's basically the best thing to do I guess so again this things taken care of let's try running some more alright again so it's blocking these things from modifying registry entries but apart from that I don't think this application is doing much as you can see every time we've got the same registry key being modified and the sinks blocking am so this is some kind of a really immature hips module it's not really fully developed it doesn't give you a lot of info but it does give you the control so if you're an advanced user I know you may want to use this module but to be honest it's less than impressive all right so as long as this thing doesn't create a startup item I guess it'll be fine alright so now again this is a firewall alert I've allowed a couple of these before so I guess I'll allow this one will block this process though so again i'm not trying to evaluate this product because i think the valuation is quite clear but i'm just trying to see the way this thing works so it's only blocking one kind of registry modification now that was a firewall alert and they don't have a white list or anything so basically no matter which application you're running you're going to get all these alerts and it's up to you whether you want to allow or block these and to be honest if I was smart enough to know whether this process should be allowed or blocked why would I be dumb enough to run the file of the first place so I'm not sure if this kind of a hips module is very helpful because it's not giving me any detailed info just giving me the process name the registry key it's modifying or in this case the port that it's trying to access and whether or not I want to allow it so I mean for regular user this is useless because they're probably going to have to head allow every time because they'll be used to doing that and once you have this thing on your computer you'll just be allowing everything because it's going to ask you for everything so when a malware runs you'll probably think I yeah this the regular thing to do just hit a low and so I'm not sure how useful is going to be you definitely need a more improved hips module than this I mean I like the idea but I think the execution is quite poor over here so as you can see I think we found out the way this thing works the stuff that does not modify startup items is basically allowed to do whatever else it wants to do mean it blocks very few actions and in that two it gives you very little info and I mean to be honest it's it's not a great thing to have I mean I would definitely not recommend anyone to use this program at the moment first of all they're pathetic detection ratio that is something to be noted it's basically useless yeah DAV part of this program and the hips part I guess it works but definitely not very well as you can see we've got this process running over here and it's doing nothing because yeah it didn't edit that specific registry key so everything's good but you definitely still can get infected with this thing and the way the current hips module works it's just like Windows user account control which everybody is going to get used to allowing so unless they add some kind of sophisticated information to help you decide which process to allow and which not to allow maybe some kind of recommended action or maybe a whitelist something like that would definitely make this proactive protection better but apart from that their scanner is terrible and I mean these are pretty old files and the detection rate was really it was below the floor so definitely not acceptable so at the moment this product is in development stage if you want to test it out I guess it's okay but for using this on your production machine definitely not so I hope you guys enjoyed this review i'm planning to do more tests like this in the future so have a nice day and stay tuned


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Supported Operating System: Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10

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