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You Select It is а usеful tool thаt wаs dеsignеd in ordеr to hеlp you mаkе customizеd photo аlbums stаrting from grеаt looking, profеssionаl tеmplаtеs.

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Тhе progrаm includеs hundrеds of tеmplаtеs thаt cаn bе rе-sizеd or еditеd to suit аny formаt you wish. Crеаtе uniquе аnd bеаutiful аlbum pаgеs or portrаit collаgеs in а mаttеr of minutеs, not hours -- no Photoshop еxpеriеncе rеquirеd!

You Select It is еаsy to lеаrn аnd simplе to usе -- just import your imаgеs, sеlеct а tеmplаtе аnd drаg your photos into еаch аpеrturе.... it’s thаt quick!

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in this lesson we're going to begin to talk about editing text if you'd like to follow along go to file open and in the working files go into chapter number five and select a file called to edit text you have to select it and just click open I'm going to begin by zooming in a bit on this page so I'm gonna select my zoom tool you can hit your Z key to get there very quickly and I'm just gonna go near the upper left hand corner of my page and drag straight across the width and let go now if your invisible characters are not showing go into your type menu and make sure to select show hidden characters you can see that switches back and forth between show and hide let me go back there and turn it on show hidden characters let me go back to my selection tool if you're currently in your selection tool if you want to switch to the type tool just double click on the text and it automatically switches to the type tool and gives you an insert point wherever you click what about selecting text well if I double-click I select an individual word if I click three times I select a full line if I click 4 times let me do it in another paragraph I'm gonna click to get an insert point and then click 4 times 1 2 3 4 so I selected a whole paragraph now I could click 5 times let me just get an insert point and click 5 times in a row 1 2 3 4 5 but generally what happens instead of clicking 5 times I almost always go right by 5 and go to 6 which means I just go back to an insert point so there is a better way to select all of your text in a frame or something called a story which is all linked text frames that are linked together so the text can flow from one frame to the next but instead of trying to click 5 times I'm gonna hit on a Mac command a on a PC control a and that selects all of the text in my entire frame or story you can see there's a little bit of text on the next page let me scroll back up on to page 1 why don't I just click to get an insert point one of the things you can do is you can actually use your arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through your text so if I wanted to move to the right in my text I could click my right arrow if I wanted to move to the left I can click my left arrow if I wanted to move down the page you can see it's moving straight down the page until I get to a line that shorter and it just goes to the end of the line but if I continue clicking my down arrow it's pretty much in the same part of the text going down the page and I of course can click my up arrow to move up in the text but I wonder if I can select text this way well you'll remember from previous lessons anytime you want to add to a selection you hold down your Shift key well if I have an insert point and I hold down my shift key and then click my right arrow I'm selecting the text one character at a time if I now without letting go of my Shift key hit my left our oh I'm deselecting text one character at a time for each time I hit my arrow key but what if I wanted to add text going from the beginning of this selection towards the left if I let go of my shift key and then hold it down again and hit my left arrow key I'm adding text that direction and if I hit my right arrow key I'm deselecting that same text if I wanted to add from the end of the selection on the right of the selection I would let go of my shift key and then hit my right arrow key so you do have a lot of control to select individual characters but also I can hit shift and then hit my down arrow key to select additional lines or my up arrow key to select less and less lines well what if I'm working with my mouse and I want to select not a full paragraph I want to select a full paragraph plus more generally what I'll do is click four times one two three four and not let go of my mouse and just continue selecting additional paragraphs down my page so that's a nice little shortcut to help you select exactly the text you want now there is a part of InDesign that not a lot of designers know about or use I'm going to go under the Edit menu to something called edit in story editor and it's giving me all the text and showing me what I have selected and I can actually edit right here without any formatting so I'm looking at just the text when I'm editing it and not being influenced by the formatting itself a lot of editors use story editor let me just scroll down in my story editor window and you can see further down my text there's a little tiny word that says over set and then there's a red line going down the left side of the text and it looks like there's a bunch of symbols let me just go back to my regular text in my layout and I'm going to scroll down to see what's going on let me zoom in even closer I'm just gonna click and drag across the last word and there's a little symbol there a little invisible character which is a page break so that's what that was in story editor well why don't I try to just select that and delete it Oh tis another one well let me do it again I'll select this and out is still another one one of the things that story editor is really useful for is when you have something going on in your text that you just can't figure out you can go into story editor let me go back in there I'm gonna go to edit editing story editor which is gonna bring that frame to the front again and you can see it does say overset text and what it is is a series of page breaks so let me select everything down to where the text begins again and I'm just gonna hit delete you can see the rest of the text in the regular layout has come up to join the end of the text that I already had there another thing that story editor is useful for is when you have text that flows from one frame to another when they're linked together you want to select an edit text that starts at the end of the first frame and continues in the second frame it's much easier than being in my layout and having to select text that goes from one frame to another so it can be very useful we'll be discussing more about editing text in the next lesson


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